Reid is such a lovely person.

He stays fit and healthy, meaning he has a perfect body type.
His adorable smile shows off his perfect white teeth.
His hair looks thick and sandy brown, meaning his hair is luscious.
His eyes are ones you’d get lost in.
He has stretched ears. Not too big either.
He has a wonderful personality, one of which he doesn’t seem to be ashamed of. Showing self confidence.
He is a virgin, which is hard to find in a lot of attractive guys.
Just saw a vine of him doing the splits. He’s obviously talented.
He is a believer.
And he’s just overall perfect. And I probably sound obsessed. But I just like to recognize wonderful human beings.

Sooo… I just finished this edit and I honestly think it’s pretty kick-ass. I know there’s a lot going on with details and stuff but I really like it. I also got to experiment with stitching two colors together and I think it came out well. This is my first complete multicolored Grime edit. I really hope you guys enjoy it as much as the I did of theadults.

The original picture is property of his name is Reid and he’s awesome for letting me use this picture. Not to mention he’s a kick-ass photographer and artist, his stuff is great! So yeah check him out at

Love you all!


(Check it in High-res to really get a good look at it)