To everyone interested in the Insanity Challenge:

Thanks for your interest!!

I’m not sure if I want to make it a link on my page, or just make a separate tumblr for it.  Any preferences guys?

Either way, tomorrow’s my day off so I’ll set it all up tomorrow - I’ll be sure message each of you! 

P.S. Sorry this is such short notice! :)  If anyone else wants to join, please message me! 

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Holy hell 1650 for a gym membership??? What would you be willing to pay? Start there. Gym memberships are negotiable.…

It’s more of a dojo than a “gym”. So like, imagine that you were taking karate lessons or whatever, 4 times a week - that cost would add up similarly over a year, probably way more actually. I understand the cost. I just can’t figure how to scrape it.

I’m going there sometime in the next week or so to see if I can negotiate. It is independently owned so I feel like my chances are decent.

cassseaa asked:

Hello love, so my dash is completely deaaaad. I was wondering if you have any good fitblr suggestions. Let me know! Hope you have a good dayyy! -Cass xx

I have SOO many, but here a few. :) Xx

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