Stranded _ Calicho

“Lookin’ for your dad?” Jim, the owner of the car shop, addressed Cal without looking up from his paperwork.

“Uh uh. Shane.” She replied.

“Shane!” Jim’s voice boomed through the garage and the loyal boy came running. Jim nodded his head at Cal to answer why he’d been called.

“Hey you.” She smiled, resisting the urge to hug him because of inevitable grease and dirt that came with the trade. “Clean yourself up so we can go." 

She’d been spending plenty of time with him since they’d met, picking him up from from work or bringing him lunch to eat with him on his break. He gave her a sense of calm that she couldn’t resist, so she spent every moment with him she could afford, and since they’d gotten to be good friends fast, there wasn’t much competition for his time quite yet. Tonight they were headed to a special drive-in movie that was playing a few towns over, and Cal had been looking forward to it all week. She waited in the car while he finished up, fingers tapping impatiently on the wheel. 

Feather Plucking || Rex and Shane || High School AU

“Oi!” A hand ran across a spiked green mohawk. “Fluffy! Yeah, I’m talkin’ t’ you faerie boy. Wiv th’ wings.”

A cigarette dangled from the exchange student’s mouth, as he sat on the stairs outside of his high school, adjusting the laces on his red doc marten’s. School was still in session, but it wasn’t like the Brit cared about his attendance. 

Not So Good Mornings _ Cal and Shane

Cal thought over the morning’s events as she stripped the bed. It was a good morning, at least it started off that way. Cal woke up, blissfully sleepy next to Shane, rolling over to cuddle up to his warmth as she had the night before. His sweet southern drawl greeted her good morning and she had gotten up to make them both some pancakes for breakfast, introducing him to John quickly as he dawned his tools and headed off for work. Shane ate, thanked her for her hospitality, and left Cal with a smile and a chore.

Unfortunately, Cal decided to take her time with washing the sheets. She watched some television and took a shower, only to step out and find Luther lying on the bed, uninvited, holding one of her pillows on his chest. “Aiden sleep over?” He asked, “Yeah.” “Really? Doesn’t smell like him at all.” “New shampoo I guess.” “Quit lying to me.”

Fast-forward through the accusations and the name-calling and the insults and the fighting, and Cal found herself alone in her room, the door slammed and shaking the house. She picked up bottled of perfume knocked to the ground and picked out his skin and blood from under her fingernails. In the bathroom she attempted to apply cover-up to the black eye, but it burned so much she decided she just wouldn’t go anywhere today. She covered it with her bangs and began to pull the sheets off the bed. Luther would be back soon with kisses and gifts and praises, as if all those would mend her broken heart or the broken blood vessels in her cheek.

The doorbell rang. She was confused, and figured he’d have stayed away longer given the circumstances. She thought seriously about not answering, but left the sheets on the ground and made her way up the stairs to the door.

Manipulator's Manifesto || Shane & Praxis

Timing was everything.

Praxis had spent the majority of his life honing the art of manipulation, and at thirty-two, he was a self-proclaimed master. It hardly took any effort these days to wrap an unsuspecting victim around his finger, then flick them off like an unsavory insect when their usefulness ran out.

Recognizance was also a specialty and it had been invaluable to him in this endeavor. He was so very close to his goal. With each minute thread he weaved into his grand scheme, Praxis drew that much closer to the object of his desires.

Vexia Kane

The last time he had seen her, the girl was a pathetic, simpering mess and too much of a liability to afford, no matter how much he savored her delectable form in his bed. Now the girl was a woman and had made quite the name for herself. His mind reeled with all the uses he had for her now. Praxis had watched her for weeks on end, becoming familiar with her habits, her surroundings, and the people she kept closest.

It was time to collect what was his.

Sharp suit.


Winning smile.


Oblivious current and soon to be former boyfriend.

Headed right this way.

The Nephillim made a show of being distracted with his cell phone, attention shifting from the tiny screen to the street signs. Stress lined his clean-shaven, aristocratic features as he slyly put himself directly in Shane’s path.

The jolt of the collision sent his phone flying and he cursed. “Christ! I am so sorry! This damned city is going to be the death of me. I meant no offense, friend,” he apologized hastily.

I Grew Up Too Fast || Shane and Cal

Cal wiped some tears from her eyes, her black eyeliner smearing on her hands. It was drizzling cold rain down on her, and her curls had deflated almost as much as her mood. She was tired, everything hurt, wave after wave of business and stress rattled her as much as the pounding of her feet on the gravel road that lead to her house. School, homework, needing a job, John yelling at her, Luther hitting her, all of it just had to 


Something made her dig her heels into the ground and stand, swaying as if she were about to fall over. All she wanted right now in this world was to go home, get plastered, pass out, and not wake up the next morning. 

Her stress didn’t block out the footsteps behind her, her darkness sensing a presence before it was close enough for her hypersensitive ears to hear them.

WHAT!?” She shouted out into the space in front of her, her voice carried behind her on the wind to her target. She wasn’t in the mood for negotiations or discussions or battles. She had half a mind to turn to whatever it was behind her, human, demon, werewolf, whatever, and just kill it so she could get home, or, if she was lucky, it would take her out first.

Dog Days || Shane & Ziggy

“Vex,” Ziggy poked the halfling’s shoulder when she didn’t respond. He’d been trying to get her attention for the past five minutes, and still she ignored him. “Ya dead? Seriously I know you can hear me…”

There was a heavy sigh and the redhead looked up at him from the mountain of papers spread out before her on the table. “What is it now, Ziggy?”

His pale eyes brightened, wide lips dwarfing the rest of his face with a bright smile. “I prepped the Molotovs like you asked and came pretty close to finishing the silver shrapnel bomb." 

Vex’s face went from exasperated to ‘oh dear god’ in a matter of seconds. "What do you mean 'came pretty close?’”

As if on cue a cloud of putrid yellow smoke billowed out of the kitchen and Chuck made a dash for it.


Cue nervous laughter and backing away. “I tried to tell you, Vex. Honest! You were totally ignoring me!”

The halfling jumped up from her seat and scowled at the twins who promptly dashed after Charlie into the kitchen to fix the lycan’s mess. Small, yet surprisingly strong hands gripped Zig’s shoulders and the tiny redhead began shoving him towards the door.

More than Morning Sickness

“Shane?” Cal called, ascending the stairs slowly, sure she would pass out or vomit on the stairs if she wasn’t careful. “Shane, baby, I need to talk to you…”

She reached the bedroom that she’d come to figure as her own’s as well as Shane’s, and opened the door slowly. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying. “Shane…”

Wake Up. _ Calicho

“Do you know where you are?” A male’s voice echoed in Cal’s mind as her head spun, still wrapped in darkness.
“No…” She replied.
“Can you open your eyes?” She was asked.
Her head bobbed slightly. “No…”
“Can you try?" 
Slowly, her lids lifted, the florescent light sending her head into painful throbbing when she did. 
"Do you know where you are, Cal?” The voice came again.
“H-..H-Hospital…” Her eyes closed.
“Cal, can you hear me?”
“Do you remember who I am?" 
Her eyes opened slowly and she tried to smile weakly. "Dr. Abbott…” Benji’s dad.
“Cal, I’ve conveniently lost your blood tests but…” He bent down close to her ear. “Your BAC was enough to kill you, Cal. Why the hell were you driving?”
“It’s a long story…” She looked down. “What happened?”
“You swerved into a ditch and nicked a tree with your truck which rolled it a couple of times. You’ve got head and neck trauma, lacerations everywhere, a fractured femur, some internal bleeding, a couple of broken ribs, and all of your fingers on your left hand are dislocated…”
She couldn’t help but let out a painful laugh, the fingers weren’t from the accident.
“Cal, this isn’t funny. You get caught driving like that again and you’ll get your license revoked and you might even go to prison, understand? You’re lucky I was working.”
“Yes, Sir…” She murmured, a bit loopy from the drugs. “Thank you…”
“Normally I’d be worried but knowing you, you’ll be just fine.” He patted her back. “Get some rest, alright? I know the boys will be eager to see you when they can." 
"Okay…” Her eyes eagerly slipped closed, but she couldn’t sleep with the noises, smells, and lights of the hospital keeping her up.

Behold, Good Sir, Your Future Child

“Ahhhh!” Cal squealed with a laugh, holding Shane’s hand as the redheaded “doctor’s” cold, gloved hands rubbed a weird blue goo over her belly and pressed a strange machine to it. 

“Is that our baby?” She grinned at the monitor.

“What else did you think it was, your lunch?” Axel laughed. “It’s about the size of a plum, maybe a bit bigger." 

"Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?” She asked. “Op…” She squeezed Shane’s hand and turned to him. “Did you want to know? I’m not sure if I do.”

Coming Home// Army Wife AU

Cal was pacing anxiously in the air port, nearly bouncing. Every atom in her body shook with excitement. The two days were over, and her baby was coming home.

Her other baby slept in John’s arms, the little girl’s fists curled up and hanging around his shoulders. People began piling out of the gates and into the baggage claim and Cal found herself standing on a bench trying to look over the crowd and find Shane.

It took several minutes, every second making her more anxious, more excited, and more angry that he hadn’t appeared yet. Finally, she caught a glimpse of army green, followed by a glimpse of short, black hair.

She leapt off the bench and hit the ground running, bolting through the crowd so quickly people were jumping out of her way. Security watched tensely and some gave dirty looks, but soon she was only a few feet from him. She leapt up into his arms and collided with him, wrapping her arms and legs around him and kissing him lovingly. 

“Shane…” She sighed, burying her face into the crook of his neck, laughing with pure joy. It was then that she realized that people were applauding. She looked up, and people were watching, clapping, and whistling for the hero and his wife. Sheepishly, she slid off of him, but kept tucked near him, hugging him tightly. “I missed you so god damned much…”

Wrench in His Hand

The most difficult time to confront your girlfriend’s father after he’s received the news of her being pregnant is when he has a wrench in his hand. 

“Shane!” John’s voice boomed through the shop when he heard the door open nearby, not a warrior cry, but a strong yet calm sound that made the shop all the more eerie. It was Sunday, and only two men worked on Sundays. That meant that John and Shane were alone for a twelve hour shift. This as no coincidence.

Monster Inside Me

It had been at least a week, and Cal’s whole body still ached. She hadn’t slept well, only when she could cry herself to sleep, and she’d resorted to self-destructive behavior to vent her confusion and frustration. She would forget to eat, forget to shower, then travel to the kitchen and binge in the middle of the night like a zombie. There was something about sitting in the darkness with only the glow of the refrigerator light that comforted her, but she still missed Shane. She needed him, she knew it, but it took her more than seven days to bring herself back to him.

She showered but left with her hair mostly wet, and no makeup. Her phone had died within the first two days, and she let it, not charging it. She didn’t want to talk to Shane or anybody, and she hoped he hadn’t told anybody. Her body rocked limply with the truck as it pulled into his driveway, and she walked into the house as if in a trance.

She returned to his room like it was her own. Never knocking. Never calling. Just walking, lest she pause in it and turn around and disappear again. Shane was laying on the bed, asleep, but the sheets suggested restlessness. She crawled up at the foot of the bed and went to him, falling between his legs with her head on his stomach, exhausted, weak, and giving up.