I’m really happy right now. 

I’m home alone at the moment - all my family’s gone skiing…

… but today morning I got a text from my mom telling me to search around in one particular room of the house. I suddenly felt like an 8-year-old again, searching for easter eggs and being totally free. A feeling I really miss lately because my final exams will take place in about one month and I’m all nervous and waaaaah!

In the end I found this awesome-coloured laptop-case and tons of vegan (!) chocolate. Omnomnom!

Sometimes my mom’s the best!

P.S. I’m also listening a lot to this band today. One of my best friend’s showed them to me. 


I still don’t get any sleep this week. Why? Because I’m editing youtube videos until 5 am in the morning. Here it is! Sorry if you don’t speak german. At least you can watch me fall of a chair.