thehammerof thor

Tony walked up from his lab, wiping his hands on his shirt before stopping in the living room, crossing his arms over his chest and shaking his head. 
“You came back and you didn’t even come tell me.” he sighed. “I thought we were bros, Thor. Bros.” He feigned a hurt look before walking over. “But I’m assuming this is just a checking in visit. How goes it in God Land?”

New York || Jemma & Thor


“Have you come to liaise with the other existing members of SHIELD?  I know that Tony is trying to bring in all the help he can.”  He wished he was of more use, but he could see that those he was close to saw him as a shell of the man he was.  He needed to prove he was still capable, still able to be of use to them.  But he would still be sitting out of the mission Sif was planning.  

He picked up his sandwich and took a bite, his face folding into a look of appreciation at the taste of good Midgardian food.  He had started to think that he wasn’t going to experience it again.  “Your friend has chosen an excellent sandwich purveyor.”

“Yes, one could say that,” she said, “I’m mainly trying to solve this scientific thing for one of my colleagues.

“Good, right?” Jemma said, smiling at the face of appreciation Thor made. “Yeah, he’s known for being good with these types of things.”

“So, what are your plans here in New York?” Jemma asked, trying to be friendly.