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ask-thehamilton  asked:

FinnRey CoffeeShop AU


  • Rey orders an iced tea lemonade and a blueberry muffin every time she comes into the shop
  • Finn gets a tea latte, loaded with extra sugar. 
  • They’re both new in town, so they frequent the shop on weekends as a way to get out of their respective apartments
  • They exchange furtive glances from across the shop, Finn curled up in a comfy arm chair, Rey spreading all of her things across a small table, balancing her feet on the chair next to her
  • After weeks of sitting in the same spots, the cafe staff starts to whisper amongst themselves about the two patrons, taking bets on who might make the first move
  • When they realize that passively observing isn’t going anywhere, the staff decide to take matters into their own hands. 
  • They pull a false fire alarm, hoping that being forced outside without their books to hide behind will encourage the two to talk. But each makes their way to opposite ends of the parking lot, glancing nervously at each other. Time after time, when the two come in to order their coffees, the baristas will ask “Paying together?”. Rey and Finn will always laugh nervously and mumble “separate”, astonished that even after months of ordering separately the baristas don’t remember.
  • When the glances and smiles between the two cute patrons become too much for the baristas to watch, they finally go beyond casual intervention. 
  • The barista at the counter calls out their names, and places two paper cups on the bar. On the lid of Rey’s, the words “He thinks you’re cute!” are scrawled in black sharpie. Finn’s reads “Ask her out!”
  • The two both get to the counter at the same time and reach for their drinks before looking up at each other, both wearing dorky grins
  • Finn looks stunned, so Rey volunteers an introduction. 
  • “I’m Rey,” she says smiling so bright it makes Finn’s knees weak
  • “Finn,” he replies, noting that her voice is so soft and sweet that his tea latte pales in comparison. “Would you… want to get coffee some time?”
  • The baristas burst out from the back room cheering as soon as Rey says yes. 

Send me a pairing and an AU, and I’ll tell you my headcanons!

anonymous asked:

Masterpost of Hamilton blogs?


this took longer than expected…. 

FAVS: These blogs are mutuals/really awesome. 

@monsieurlefayette @thepansexualspamphlet @lafyettes @elijaahmikaelson    @elizaschuylet @ask-alex-ham @lizdexia @whompythoams @lafayettes-hair @spacegiant @bahahahamilton @writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle @ham-lin-ton @elizarisingup @scientifically-speaking-no @theall-possiblegirl @revolutionaryquartet @yamhaylet @alexanderhammyton @ask-lafayette @nine-to-the-nine @macaroon22 @allexanderhamilton @ask-thehamilton @hamilton-is-hella-bi @patina-millers-biceps @alexanderhamiltonisthebottom @winterlafayette @graysea @agtcartinelli @outerace @linmanuel (He wrote the musical so yeah, you should probably follow him lol)

RP Blogs: these blogs are really fun to follow, its like a live action fic! I’m not sure if i got all of them but oh well

@ask-hamilsquad @ask-alexander-hamilton @lafayettes-hair @ask-alex-ham @ask-charles-lee @ask-thehamilton @ask-t-jefferson @ask-john-laurens @ask-philip-hamilton @ask-king-george-iii @ask-aaron-burr @sage-of-monticello

Art Blogs!: Blogs that i follow that post hamilton fanart. Again not sure if i got all the ones i follow.

@yamhaylet @graysea @dorothywonderland @freedomfriesandapplepies 

Fic writers: Awesome writers.

@lafyettes @monsieurlefayette @lizdexia @writelikeitsgoingoutofstyle @revolutionaryquartet @whompythoams @fuckboyaham @transaaronburr @hamilslut @alexandorhamilton @thelilnan

Other really amazing hamilton blogs:

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These are the blogs i follow that are Hamilton related. 

I’m sorry if you weren’t put under the right category or we are mutuals and you weren’t mentioned! 

Ask-Hamilton accounts!

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ask-thehamilton  asked:

a moment of weakness (Hi!)

17. Your muse has been beaten badly and is in bad shape, mine happens to find them.

If there was one thing that George was always on the lookout for, it was Alex. The woman picked fights the same way the sun picked what to shine on- only stopping when something got in the way. So when he found her bloodied and bruised he wasn’t surprised, only extremely concerned and a bit disappointed. “Alexandra!” He rushed over as soon as he realized that it was her and kneeled at her side, taking a quick look over her injuries and placing a gentle hand atop her head.