Phoebe: Cole, I wasn’t just being a nagging girlfriend. I actually had good reasons for asking you not to go.

Cole: Which were what exactly?

Phoebe: I dunno, to try to keep you alive.

Cole: What, ‘cause I’m not capable of defending myself. If that’s the way you think, no wonder you don’t want to marry me.

Phoebe: I can’t believe that’s what you think. Is that really what you think?

Cole: What am I supposed to think?

Phoebe: You’re supposed to know that I love you and…

Cole: And, and what? I have a hard time believing that any woman who’s truly in love would turn down a marriage proposal.

Phoebe: Uh, well, that’s how little you know about women. Cole, there’s still so much that we don’t know about each other. I mean, we don’t know the new rules, and we don’t know what it means for you to be human, and I don’t know..

Cole: That you truly love me.

Phoebe: No, Cole, that’s the one thing that I do know.

Cole: Well, then what is the problem?

Phoebe: I don’t know how to be a wife. But I can’t live without you in my life.