**You know the drill, dont delete the text.**




- You must be following me (lost-folk) and her (fraey). We will check so don’t lie. 

- Must reblog this atleast once. The more you reblog the better chance you have.

- Likes wont be counted but you can like to bookmark the post.

- Must put a network badge or link on your blog.


For A Higher Chance:

- Tag a post with #thegypsiesnetwork or message me or her, explaining to us why you want to be chosen and a part of this network

- Reblog this 234549644 times to really get noticed.



- New followers

- New tumblr friends and besties.

- Html, coding help and blog advice.

- Heaps of promotions and voting help

- Etc, etc.



- Banner is transparent.

- All blog types have a chance and can reblog but gypsy/ indie/ boho/ bambi/ etc. have a better chance at getting chosen.

- 10-15 blogs will be chosen.

- This is the network page, it is under construction.

- We will be choosing people when this post gets a good amount of notes.

- Message me or her if you have any other questions.


So get reblogging and good luck! xx