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- You must be following me (lost-folk) and her (fraey). We will check so don’t lie. 

- Must reblog this atleast once. The more you reblog the better chance you have.

- Likes wont be counted but you can like to bookmark the post.

- Must put a network badge or link on your blog.


For A Higher Chance:

- Tag a post with #thegypsiesnetwork or message me or her, explaining to us why you want to be chosen and a part of this network

- Reblog this 234549644 times to really get noticed.



- New followers

- New tumblr friends and besties.

- Html, coding help and blog advice.

- Heaps of promotions and voting help

- Etc, etc.



- Banner is transparent.

- All blog types have a chance and can reblog but gypsy/ indie/ boho/ bambi/ etc. have a better chance at getting chosen.

- 10-15 blogs will be chosen.

- This is the network page, it is under construction.

- We will be choosing people when this post gets a good amount of notes.

- Message me or her if you have any other questions.


So get reblogging and good luck! xx

Followers Ignore! Unless you're bored enough to read this

Hey guys! So I would actually die of happiness if I was chosen to be a part of the gypsies network! Like, I can finally talk to people about indie music (hopefully) and how amazing everything gypsy-related is! Plus I’m kinda lacking new gypsy blogs to stalk… I mean *follow, and I think this would be a great way to find new awesome blogs, and get to know the people behind the blogs!

I really want to be part of this club so I can talk to new people and show my weird, quirky, mystical side to people who are like me and understand what kind of stuff I like and reblog. I have this weird love of taking to people from all around the world and hearing what life is like for them. I’m active like 20 hours of the day cos I never get to sleep on time and I love helping people with their problems and giving advice, whether its personal or tumblr-related! I’m an indie/gypsy blog and I really love taking to people about anything and everything! If I get chosen, I promise to be active all the time and be open to talk to and get to know everyone, plus, as you can tell, I love writing long paragraphs! Thanks for considering me, you’re amazing!!!! Love from, some random 16 year old in a place called Australia <3

P.S. My name is Katia, I don’t know if I mentioned that anywhere ahaha :)

*followers ignore*

I’d love to be part of the gypsy networks because I love my blog style and I would like to get to know people with my blog style and share the same opinions with me. I would love to get more tumblr friends and I would help everyone gain, not only followers but idk my knowledge or something haha!! I would really appreciate being chosen to belong. xx

Hi, I’m Jess, I’m 14 and I’m an Australian. I would love it if I was in the gypsies network because I’ve just changed blog styles and need more blogs to follow, it’s also new-ish (an old blog re-incarnated) and I want to get my blog name out there and make more friends on tumblr. It would be pretty awesome to be part of a network 


hey guys! id really love to be part of this network! if i was chosen i would put 100% effot into making this the best network! and making friends with everyone :)


We are really sorry to have to postpone this but we have to, it will only be until tomorrow because the other admin fraey is sick. WE ARE REALLY SORRYY! She is going to bed now so thats why we cant finish but we did almost finish going through the notes, we have less than half of the notes to go. You can still reblog if you want, but you only have till tomorrow. Thanks for being patient everyone! xx

Hi! My name is Shira and I am a 13 year old girl living in California. I would consider my blog as an indie/boho/vintage blog and I really want to be part of this blog so I can meet similar blogs and gain some new friends! My blog is very new and I really need to get my name out there and gain some more followers. It would be awesome to be part of this network so please consider me!
Some more facts about me:
- My favorite store is Free People
- I am a vegetarian
- I write, draw, cook and play piano in my free time.
Well thanks either way hun! -xx Shira

We have chosen for the gypsies network!!! Finallyy! xx

We have officially chosen for the gypsies network! I have messaged half of the people who were accepted, I still have half left because I just hit ask limit. To all the blogs that have put the gypsies network in their network badges already please get rid of them, I went onto a couple of blogs that had the banner as the badge and they arent even in the network.. :/

Also there was a lot of great blogs to choose from! I am really sorry to the blogs that didnt get in! We have chosen a total of 18 blogs, we will be adding more in the future, so keep looking out for it. Thanks for reading xx