026. Unemployment

Not that this is a big deal, but tomorrow’s the last day of my contract. I got to work as a customer service representative (aka eRep or call center agent) for from Aegis People Support. My work involves taking calls, mostly from the United States, for orders and customer service inquiries. It was fun while it lasted. Though I received calls from rude and sometimes, irrational customers, having them thank me afterwards is very fulfilling. That I can actually see them giving me a “thumbs up” and a “job well done!” And really, there are a lot of nice customers, some of them have mistaken me having French, Spanish and even Italian nationality. That I don’t know why, because those three have very different accents. :)) I would sometimes joke around and actually try to imitate the accents. Oui, monsieur! Sí, señor! Sí, signore! I had this caller who was really excited she was talking to a Filipino. She told me how she wanted to live in the Philippines so much. :) And of course, there are racists. One even asked me if I wasn’t from America, because I was doing an awful job. Meh. 

There was this one time, however, that the caller asked me if I was a high roller. I don’t know why he got the impression I’m a big spender, an extravagant one. Not that I’m bragging, but I really do have high conversion. Haha. I averaged around 30 (that includes redeliveries and replacement orders, to those who can understand) sales a day. 

What I won’t miss about my job is the schedule. I was a zombie for a good two weeks due to the sleepless days I got. I’m on graveyard shift and I was lucky if I get 2 hours of sleep for two days. While it was very convenient for travel (no traffic and jam-packed jeepneys and trains), I found it very hard to leave around 10, when my body’s set for bed at that time. 

What I would miss is the people I got to work with. Our batch seemed to get in a lot of trouble. Hahaha. And with trouble comes the fun. We often got sent out the room for being too noisy. We bully our trainer, in a harmless way, of course. We drink a lot, with the booze comes the life stories we share to each other. With every bottoms up is our bond getting stronger. Gahd, I already miss them. :( I’m gonna miss Jie (theguiltyone), too. My batchmates had a little crush on him hahaha. I wasn’t able to say goodbye to him the last time we saw each other on the floor. :(

I don’t actually care about how much money I’ll get because I was absent for two days. :)) All I’m after is the experience. And hell yeah, I wouldn’t forget this one. :> The last three weeks were truly amazing.