How can you fight for the Users if you can’t even fight for yourself?

Or, an alternate title: Forsaken Warrior

Tron seems to be the punching bag of his own universe. All the worsts shit gets thrown at him, but the guy keeps getting back up, because that’s what he’s supposed to do. And he probably wasn’t the easiest Program to brainwash/rectify, and I’d bet Clu would throw in some demoralizing words at him to make it easier. He’d make Tron feel so worthless that he just gives up.

Here’s hoping he survives the fall into the Sea and makes it back :D


Tron Zen

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Freak out

Today was really wicked. I started the day off with meeting my buddy and course mate, David. We walked together from the waiting shed by the dorm to the ISO Venue where the Prep Course for ComTech freshmen was held. 

Honestly, I’m not really used to speaking in English during conversations because back in our place, people would stare at you when you do that. Yeah. We like shouting and yapping in our native tongue. But whatever. Although I struggled a bit, I still got to communicate what I needed to. Hurray!

Awkward repetitive convo of the day:

Someone: Hi I’m Someone from |either ICA, LSGH, Ateneo HS, Xavier and other very famous schools in the Metro.| How about you?

Aldrin: I’m Aldrin…from Sacred Heart.

Someone: Oh where’s that? 

Aldrin: It’s in the province.

-end of conversation-

I got used to it as the day progressed anyway.

The presentations and games were great. The Grid was definitely a success.

External image

This phrase really struck me. They passed this sticker out and oh, my very cool name tag. 

So after that, I attended the talk about the dorm. I’m staying in Cervini btw so if you’re just around the block, inform me. I could use some company.

And what followed was an adventure with Leana. I asked her to accompany me in going to Trinoma because I had to learn how to go to at least one hang out spot. So yeah. We met at the Peace Path. She’s studying in Miriam College but she’s also from my hometown, Lucena.

External image

External image

We boarded a UP-Katipunan jeep then got off somewhere. I don’t know where that is exactly. Afterwards, we walked for quite a while because jeepneys that would lead us to Trinoma were scarce.

External image

When we reached Central Avenue, I was amazed by how the wide that road is. And how cool it feels to be in the overpass. I know, so provincial of me. But anyway…. LOOK!

External image

So yeah, after a really long while and a million questions asked by yours truly, we reached Trinoma. She accompanied me to buy a few stuff which I need. I also met up with former schoolmates who’re watching X-Men. I was supposed to watch with them but it’s my second night and I didn’t want to risk not getting a jeepney in the wee hours of the night.

Yeah. It was really tiring and I was a nervous wreck going home. Leana didn’t accompany me anymore. I was all alone. I was to make my own decisions which could lead me to failure or success.

It’s obvious where it led me…blistered feet, aching muscles and weakness but what the hell, I was successful. Yeah. Feels so great.

What I learned from Leana today:

  • It’s going to be obvious that you’re from the province if you’re gonna take pictures of stuff everywhere using only a phone or a non-legit camera. You could only take pictures and not look like a jologs dude from the boondocks if you have a DSLR..that doesn’t guarantee that you ARE a photographer though.
  • When you’re commuting, you shouldn’t dress up like you’re going partying especially when you’re just gonna walk around and buy groceries.
  • As much as possible, no texting in the jeepneys.

So that’s it. Tune in next time for my next adventure. Sorry, I’m posting senseless stuff right now. I don’t have my usual depth which only exists in depression. I’m just really damn happy right now.


Did an emotion sheet for Sam Flynn, trying to practice at drawing consistent faces. My sketches always look really bad as soon as I look at them on a computer. Touched them up a bit through photoshop so they were cleaner.

I wanted to add what I thought he’d be saying in each expression, but there wasn’t enough room and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered. Come up with your own, if you like :)

(Also bonus of Tron in his default expression - disapproval)

anonymous asked:

How do you think the uprising would have went if it actually succeeded? I'm convinced that Hopper&Bartik would pull their head out of their ass eventually and join the revolution (I think it was Bartik who had a cameo in Tron: Legacy?). I also think that Paige would find out the truth about the massacre at the medical center at some point and maybe operate on her own for a while? i.e. heal injured programs, undercover, almost like another renegade. But I think it would take a while until she (1)

(2) wouldn’t join the revolution right away because it doesn’t fit with her morality, her world view. In her eyes, the renegade represents chaos and unorder and so it takes some time until she realises that Clu’s regime doesn’t bring justice and structure to the Grid, but oppression and cruelty. It’s just so frustrating to get invested in all those characters and in the occupation still won.

(3) I rewatched Terminal and realised that Bartik&Hopper DID join the resistance. My mistake :D

lol I thought that was implied in the last episode when they joined with the rest of the mechanics in the garage. I really liked those two, they’re like the asshole friends everyone has but no one knows how they got.

How I imagined Paige’s story to go would be through the reappearance of Quorra, who is of course still alive (although perhaps without her ISO friend whose name I can’t recall at the moment). Paige, filled with pain and rage, attacks and its a good fight, with Paige being more experienced. But maybe Quorra still beats her (or maybe Flynn himself intervenes, but I think Beck would be more realistic), and Quorra explains the true story, who she was gone before Tesler even arrived.

Maybe Paige doesn’t believe her right away, but Quorra escapes and the seeds of doubt are no less planted in Paige’s head. She does some investigating on her own, questions Tesler directly about what had happened to her friends. He relies on this lie to keep her loyal, and when he senses her doubt, he continues to lie; although a part of me wants to think he’s so confident in her loyalty that he tells her the truth, thinking that she’d understand is was for “The Greater Good”.

Either way, she finds out, gets pissed, fights Tesler, but loses. She escapes defeated, exiled from the Occupation, and seeking revenge. Beck tries to confront her, turn her to the ways of good etc etc, but she’s so caught up in her own emotions that she can’t think straight, and it takes her awhile to overcome them and finally get some clarity on the matter. I think a few episodes could be devoted to this, to watch in detail her character arc. I think it would be appropriate if she were the one to derezz Tesler, but after it all she realizes that its given her no satisfaction, and understands that revenge is a pointless cause. And without a cause to fight for, Paige is lost. She doesn’t know how to define herself anymore. She’s not a soldier, she’s not a medic, she’s not helping people in anyway, which was what she wanted in the first place. Seeking something greater, she eventually turns to the Resistance.

Yes, in Legacy Bartik was the Program with the scar over his eye (apparently the Resistance isn’t the place to be if you care about your health…). I imagine that the Resistance would’ve been successful, had Beck united enough Programs, and had reached cities closer to TRON city, where Clu’s base lied. I’m not sure if they’d ever reach that far, though – I feel like it’d be a good underdog story, like most stories of these types, with a few inspriring heroes that lead the charge and make all the difference.

Of course, that doesn’t mean much when Flynn Jr comes around and does what every Flynn does and messes things up for everyone. I imagine the Resistance didn’t have too much of a presence in TRON city (aside from their one appearance in the End of Line Club) because Clu would try to crush any rumors about them. He’s kind of a politician, using propaganda and media to influence the common Program to believe that there isn’t a Resistance, at least not a popular one. Why join them when Perfection is so much better? Don’t you know they might have viruses in their ranks? You don’t want to get infected, do you? Stay with me; I protected you from the ISOs, I got rid of the imperfect Flynn, I can lead you all to a utopia if you just let me…

That’s how I see Clu handling the Resistance should it ever reach beyond Argon. The Resistance would be hard pressed to dissuade the lies without drawing a huge target on their back. And without any back-up from Kevin Flynn himself (divine providence itself, if you will), how will the Resistance convince other programs that they’re good guys, or that they even have the power to stand a chance?

That’s where I think Tron comes in. He’s not Flynn, but he’s a Program, more relatable and an incredibly trustworthy figure on the Grid. Perhaps his step out as a public leader of the Resistance is what draws them more power – and attention, and what may ultimately lead to his fall to Rinzler.

I don’t think Beck is Rinzler (as interesting a theory as that might be). I DO hope he isn’t dead by Legacy, although if the Resistance is still going by the end of it, I think he might casts off Tron mantel (I think he might be one of the few who actually knows what happened to Tron, but he can’t tell anyone else without destroying the Resistance’s morale), allowing people to believe he’s dead – but not forgotten. He has to play a bit of the politician, too, a sort of foil to Clu, where he has to play his cards right as leader of the Resistance in order to keep everyone moving forward.

Anyways, I think I wrote way too much about this. I love Uprising and I think it deserved at least three seasons to tell its story, if not more. I love answering questions like this, though, so if you have more, don’t be afraid to ask! Theorizing is fun :D

Potential Revolutionary

Cultural offerings in Toowoomba are no longer restricted to reworked theatrical classics, Thursday night shopping and mid-week CBD dining. 2011 saw a solidification of our cultural scene with regular attendance at each of the town’s four independent artist run initiatives, open mic nights and alternative cultural events.
Even the Mayor Peter Taylor got his paint on in November’s Celebrity Art Battles, as run by the MARS initiative above Metro Café and Events.
Toowoomba is coming of age. And the cultural movers and shakers on the hill are planning big things. Soon.
There’s talk of a pending TARI Fest.
That is, there is so much support, movement, inspiration and action on the independent art scene of Toowoomba that cities and other regional areas are looking to us for insight. They want to know the insides of this shift.
TARI Fest - Toowoomba Artist Run Initiative Festival. A festival of all the creative wonder that regulars on the local cultural scene dive into twice monthly in the least. From Skype-assisted international artist talks in a back alley corner of the CBD to cutting edge physical performances at art openings and boxed windows… Toowoomba’s shifting.
Like a big beautiful scholar, all brained up thanks to 17 high schools, a University and TAFE, finding her feet and wanting to dance.
This is what’s waiting for Toowoomba. The town’s cultural identity is getting brave. And the space this provides those with venues, artists, musicians, talents, wants, urges, concepts, free nights is a crucial element in its continued evolution. What this means for residents is: a chance to play.
Go. There is quality offerings in your town. One such example is the pending development in the former Boogie Shack. 17 creatives across 10 artistic disciplines: exhibiting, performing and also teaching, sharing. That’s circus, dance, theatre, short film, visual arts, sustainable horticulture. It’ll be  right there, in the middle of Toowoomba next month. Go.


Rolling out the bars for the deadlift ladder! Weights go from 135lb up to 585lb. Close match between the @thelareign and @dcbrawlers!! Tied at 9 and 9 right now #npgl #thegrid #gridleague #nationalprogridleague #deadlift #lifting (at Bojangles’ Coliseum)

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