TheGRID Episode 60: 2 Year Anniversary!

It’s our 2 Year Anniversary Extravaganza! It’s Here! ‪#‎TheGRID‬

"A terrible singer known as BelleK is threatening the GRID hosts by unleashing the Evil Daizy Clain & old villains from Power Ranger History! The GRID hosts must acquire new powers sort of like those other Rangers in that movie….Can the hosts escape the Evil Daizy clan with their new Powers?!"

Make Sure to Listen to the Whole Episode for All the Fun! We’ve got special skits hidden within the episode! All along the theme of the Mighty Morphin’ Movie!

We welcome back some of your favorite former co-hosts for the event! We discuss such vital topics as Dino Charge’s Episode 8 Summary, the new Zyuranger addition to Lexicon and our Ranger of Month for March! Together with our returning hosts we review Dino Charge Episode 4, Ninninger Episode 1 and the Premiere Episode of Ninja Storm!

Shelby, Dan, Amber & Lee join our ranks once again!
Plus we bring back some old favorite segments from the past; Trivia, Tumblr Cancer, Shelby’s 5 Fun Facts about Blank AND we answer your questions!

How can you fight for the Users if you can’t even fight for yourself?

Or, an alternate title: Forsaken Warrior

Tron seems to be the punching bag of his own universe. All the worsts shit gets thrown at him, but the guy keeps getting back up, because that’s what he’s supposed to do. And he probably wasn’t the easiest Program to brainwash/rectify, and I’d bet Clu would throw in some demoralizing words at him to make it easier. He’d make Tron feel so worthless that he just gives up.

Here’s hoping he survives the fall into the Sea and makes it back :D

Freak out

Today was really wicked. I started the day off with meeting my buddy and course mate, David. We walked together from the waiting shed by the dorm to the ISO Venue where the Prep Course for ComTech freshmen was held. 

Honestly, I’m not really used to speaking in English during conversations because back in our place, people would stare at you when you do that. Yeah. We like shouting and yapping in our native tongue. But whatever. Although I struggled a bit, I still got to communicate what I needed to. Hurray!

Awkward repetitive convo of the day:

Someone: Hi I’m Someone from |either ICA, LSGH, Ateneo HS, Xavier and other very famous schools in the Metro.| How about you?

Aldrin: I’m Aldrin…from Sacred Heart.

Someone: Oh where’s that? 

Aldrin: It’s in the province.

-end of conversation-

I got used to it as the day progressed anyway.

The presentations and games were great. The Grid was definitely a success.

This phrase really struck me. They passed this sticker out and oh, my very cool name tag. 

So after that, I attended the talk about the dorm. I’m staying in Cervini btw so if you’re just around the block, inform me. I could use some company.

And what followed was an adventure with Leana. I asked her to accompany me in going to Trinoma because I had to learn how to go to at least one hang out spot. So yeah. We met at the Peace Path. She’s studying in Miriam College but she’s also from my hometown, Lucena.

We boarded a UP-Katipunan jeep then got off somewhere. I don’t know where that is exactly. Afterwards, we walked for quite a while because jeepneys that would lead us to Trinoma were scarce.

When we reached Central Avenue, I was amazed by how the wide that road is. And how cool it feels to be in the overpass. I know, so provincial of me. But anyway…. LOOK!

So yeah, after a really long while and a million questions asked by yours truly, we reached Trinoma. She accompanied me to buy a few stuff which I need. I also met up with former schoolmates who’re watching X-Men. I was supposed to watch with them but it’s my second night and I didn’t want to risk not getting a jeepney in the wee hours of the night.

Yeah. It was really tiring and I was a nervous wreck going home. Leana didn’t accompany me anymore. I was all alone. I was to make my own decisions which could lead me to failure or success.

It’s obvious where it led me…blistered feet, aching muscles and weakness but what the hell, I was successful. Yeah. Feels so great.

What I learned from Leana today:

  • It’s going to be obvious that you’re from the province if you’re gonna take pictures of stuff everywhere using only a phone or a non-legit camera. You could only take pictures and not look like a jologs dude from the boondocks if you have a DSLR..that doesn’t guarantee that you ARE a photographer though.
  • When you’re commuting, you shouldn’t dress up like you’re going partying especially when you’re just gonna walk around and buy groceries.
  • As much as possible, no texting in the jeepneys.

So that’s it. Tune in next time for my next adventure. Sorry, I’m posting senseless stuff right now. I don’t have my usual depth which only exists in depression. I’m just really damn happy right now.

Good Morning #marcelproust : The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
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Did an emotion sheet for Sam Flynn, trying to practice at drawing consistent faces. My sketches always look really bad as soon as I look at them on a computer. Touched them up a bit through photoshop so they were cleaner.

I wanted to add what I thought he’d be saying in each expression, but there wasn’t enough room and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered. Come up with your own, if you like :)

(Also bonus of Tron in his default expression - disapproval)