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What Happens When a Supermodel Violates Your Copyright

This post is something I’ve struggled with for months, and debated even writing. But it’s time to share my story, and explain why I’ve been absent….. In the end, the fun fact of all of this is that right now, I’ve lost what amounts to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in image licensing fees thanks to one instagram post. Add onto that potential legal fees, and it’s one giant headache that will probably be continuing on for months of my life.

This is incredibly important. This article talks about photography specifically, but consider it as it applies to all kinds of art theft. 

Every time you post a piece of art - photography, artisan crafts, digital, or traditional art - without credit, you are depriving the artist the benefit of their work being seen. 

It absolutely pisses me off every time I see people saying “it’s a compliment, that so many people are seeing their art” - how the hell is it a compliment if NOBODY knows who the artist is? 

In this digital age it is CRITICAL for artists to use the internet, because that is the where the consumers are, but it is also insanely dangerous because all it takes is one person posting their art without credit for the artist to lose all ownership of the work they have done. 

Hours of work: meaningless

Cost of labor: irrelevant

Advertising potential: deleted

It is not a compliment for thousands of people to see your work without knowing it is yours. The highest and only honest compliment is to post work with credit. 

And it is not that fucking difficult to do. Weheartit is not a source. Pinterest is not a source. DeviantArt, art share websites, personal art blogs and facebook pages ARE sources. FIND them. 

If you find work you want to share, right click on the picture, copy the URL, and then go to Google image search, click the camera icon in the search bar and use the URL to find a webpage with the artist information. Most searches take 2 mins or less. If the artist has a tumblr - REBLOG FROM THEIR TUMBLR. 

This is true respect. 

Your consideration of the artist allows for their work to continue, credited and supported.