A verse from theGreyEra song Commitment Issues-written by 'frei aka TooManyNames

From Mic Checks to Sound Checks
To tryin to get a Pay Check
Sony Walkmans that use to play cassettes
That’s right after 8 Tracks before CDs
Record Labels ain’t no about a MP3
Now Emcees don’t need deals when Big Companies wanna piece of your brand so they can make more money
Ain’t it funny how we use to say no biting allow
Now a days if you don’t bite how do u expect to chow
And everybody gota eat get your vitamins and nutritions
We all for one but we ain’t all Nubian
Some got division were they need to add on
And some that got theirs off refuse to put others on
Its ok I guess its survival of the fittest
Either you is or ain’t built for this
Dig it..
My duty be to manifest the thoughts I receive
Its all a pre-reality my mind conceive
With a tailor made cut from the collar to the sleeve
Looking good laying over my fresh white tee
If I say so myself and I’m sure you’ll agree and like the best things in life its all FREE like frei