I’ve had to make sure to record efurrything word by word. Make sure each scripture was purroperly done. I admit it was difficult when I first began, but I quickly adapted. Silly man continued on and on when he spoke. But he was clear and thorough, making sure efurryone understood his intentions. Each word strong and uplifting. It gave you a sense of understanding and hope. Or… at least to me.
Since I was the only one who remained constantly by his side, I’d have to say yes, I was the only scribe to document all of my Signless’ sermons. There may have been some who have also tried to perfurm the task I took upawn myself. Although I would only think they’d have snippets or altered texts. Not to scrutinize any of them. After all, efurrything that showed the existence of The Signless was completely destroyed in the end.
Who knows how many “pages” I’ve actually written. Hundreds? Thousands? Who would know fur sure since I’ve written my love’s sermons on more than just parchment. I’ve even had to re-write efurrything more than once.
I’ve written nothing but the messages of The Signless. It is my duty to do so. And I am faithfully committed to carrying out my task to the very end. No matter what happens, I must continue to keep the memory of The Signless alive.