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My Instagram thought I needed to see a pic from thegreatfrogldn acct. It must've been fate. Peep that anchor and rope ring! Can Louis buy this one next please.

there’s a big one AND a small one are you thinking what i’m thinking


We released this little video a couple of days before the horrible attack in London on Saturday. The song we used was ‘Young Men Dead’ by the Black Angels and there is a line in the songs that says; “we can’t live if we’re to afraid to die.” Myself and Matt were born and raised in London and are very proud of the fact. Terrorist is just another word for coward and they will never win. See you in July London at the
Video: @shalongoss. @thegreatfrogldn @vincent_summers76 @horsey69 @tamaraiscool
@4q69 @kingdomofkicks @chasestopnik @love_cycles @scottystopnik @evil_spirit_engineering @shanemarkland ….and not shown, but not forgotten!@chvrch (at TRIco)

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