• Kate: I'm not a child.
  • Sam : I got stark to make you a drone.
  • Kate: -procceds to annoy everyone with it, have redwing / mini kate races, and uses it to wake Tony and Clint up at random hours of the day -
  • Kate: I'm not a child! treat me with respect damn it.
  • Clint: Protect the smol.
  • Kate: Not a child.
  • Also Kate: -cuddles up to Clint when she's sad-


Oh, come on. I’ve only got one leg now. It should be easier than ever to take me down.

Well, it should be, if he hadn’t played rugby aggressively when younger and also didn’t cheat using magic to keep himself up. But Clint doesn’t have to know that.

Sarkis swats at his hands to shoo them and laughs at him, pink and bright and pleased.

What, you don’t like biting? I didn’t even bite you that hard.


James knew it was a bad idea to get involved. But he couldn’t sit and do nothing. Something he inherited from his father Tony always said. And it hadn’t disappeared even in this weird world. 

So he found himself him helping evacuate a building. He was expecting to get away quietly before anybody could ask him any questions. But of course it didn’t go according to plan and he found himself standing in front of Hawkeye. 

“Hello…wait aren’t you one of those Avenger guys?” Better to play dumb

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Maybe he was tried, maybe he couldn’t deal with it like he thought he did but the last thing he wanted was Remy yelling at him. “Then what do you want me to do?” He wanted to yell it back but he just sounded more resigned.

He scrubbed his face, trying not to seem as tired as he felt. “What do you want from me then?”

“I want you to at least admit that I’m not a fucking stranger, that you don’t have to hide from me,” Remy spits. Because here is his fear: that he is a stranger. That he’s worth nothing to Clint, that he isn’t anything more than casual fun, that Clint doesn’t trust him enough to be even a little vulnerable around him.

They’re practically living together, and Remy just wants to help. He loves Clint too much to just walk away. But… quietly, he offers, “Or tell me to go.”

Because he never really was one for staying where he wasn’t wanted.

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                     Kate turned to look at him. It had only been a COUPLE of minutes since she had awoken in a CELL, her head still hurt, the last thing she could remember was the AIRPORT. She must have been knocked out. She HATED being enclosed, and this CELL, it was so tiny. No place to move, no way out. She could feel the PANIC coming over her. She tried to control her breathing, she could feel eyes on her, then she realised, the others were next to her. SAM was opposite, WANDA – she didn’t want to look at her, SCOTT was also opposite her. She turned her head and smiled a little, glad they had put her next to Clint. She moved over to press her body against the glass. She moved her index finger to the side, and using her other finger to point, before moving her hand in a circle with the thumb standing. She wanted to know if he was okay, and she didn’t think TALKING was an option. 


“Yeah.” Clint wasn’t sure that he was, his bones felt like they were aching but this wasn’t about him. Now it was about the kids. “Come on, we need to get out of here and quick. Get as many survivors as you can and meet at the safehouse okay?”

“Francis and Torunn are doing that.” James held out a hand to him. “I’m getting you back. Come on Hawkeye sir. You can lean on me if you need to. No-one is watching.” 


It’s snowing. Morning, Remy at the windows by the archery targets, hands around a cup of coffee, watching people below wade through the snow flurries. Thinking about how he wants to sleep in with Clint, on Christmas morning, and wondering how feasible that is. Trying not to think about this time last year, and Rogue, and what came immediately afterwards. No – better to think about how nice it was to have to crawl out of Clint’s arms this morning.

When he hears Clint coming down the stairs, he turns, and says, “Hey, cher, I been wondering – do you decorate?”

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It’s an old argument and one Steve is well used to.  He practically had first aid supplies on hand for Clint.  “I’m retired, Clint.”  He reminded the archer fondly, blotting at his wounds with a warm and sanitized cloth.  “Even from medic work.  Try again next time.”


ⓧ Curled green knuckles found their way to the side of Doop’s hips, and his brow was lowered over his eyes with anger flashing in the red irises.

“ Ʊ𝓾𝓷𝓷𝓾ค αE̥E̥ ͒ч𝓾𝓷Ɩ\͒ ̻ꈯαᑭ̸̻a ° ȝ°๒ 𝒥̻aȝE̥E̥ 𝓷𝓾ȝ𝒥𝒥ค𝕒 ° 𝓷𝓾Ɩ\͒^𝓷𝓾E̥ค ᑭ̸Ɩ\͒^𝓷𝓾E̥ค ° “


Clint wasn’t really sure what happened. One minute he was firing arrows and the next he dropped to the ground because of a searing pain in his leg. It made him fall, hitting the ground and picking up all the little pieces of glass and warped metal as he fell. Great.

He turned around, grabbing an arrow and nocking it to fight off the person who came up from behind him but…

But Remy was the one holding the bloody knife. Remy was the one behind him watching his back.

Remy had stabbed him.

Before he could ask why, before he could even think he dropped the weapon. “Sorry.” And maybe he even looked sorry, or he was reading to much into it or hoping to much.

Later he told everyone he was to surprised to actually fire the arrow that he had in his hand.

In reality he was too damn upset.

Remy doesn’t even carry bladed weapons – they were never his favorite as a kid, and then his powers came in, and the last time he used one was at his wedding. He hates them. He doesn’t like blood and he can control his explosions way better than a knife.

That’s why it’s Clint’s knife in his hand.

“I’m sorry,” he says again – chokes it out, forces it past vocal chords and a mouth that doesn’t work and oh god it hurts, it physically hurts just to make himself talk and he can’t stop himself from stomping on Clint’s instep, grabbing his bow to keep him from shooting him, and pulling the knife back for another stab.

He’s been trapped in his body like this since before the battle – for a couple of days – and he is so furious with himself that he hasn’t be able to stop this. He should be better than this. It should never have gotten to this point.

He starts speaking again, someone putting words in his mouth, his mouth saying: “I’m sorry I wasted so much fucking time with a piece of shit like you.”