2013 was a year I will never forget. So much happened that only now it’s all beginning to sink in. I married my wonderful wife, moved into a new apartment, and my first studio. Strangely all of that happened in the month of July no less (just how things happen around here I suppose). My art work provided me opportunities I never imagined possible. I was the 250,000th bigcartel store.  They flew me and my then fiancé to the beautiful Salt Lake City for a fantastic celebration.  I was fortunate to work with Warner Bros. on their Big Bang Theory project, numerous gallery shows, and finally Wes Anderson commissioned me to create a painting for his upcoming movie The Grand Budapest Hotel.

This post visually details a portion of the work created for the piece and give a look into my process for working out compositions, making adjustments, and experimenting with media.  One thing that was clear about this piece was that it had to have a clear and direct message of what it was: “Two Lesbians Masturbating”. Another was that it was to look like an Egon Schiele.  Now Schiele is one of my favorite artists, and ironically I had recently given a Schiele inspired assignment to one of my painting classes. As my Gramma says: “This is right up my alley”. 

 I poured over my Schiele books and examined how he achieved texture and line. As a fan of Schiele this was a great deal of fun. After much experimentation and a filled sketchbook I created seven final drawings and paintings. Four of which are shown here with the others to be shared soon.



For any inquiries into acquiring any of the work please email me:


This dawned upon me after seeing ’s (it won’t let me do a mention, but wanted to give credit) wonderful magazine-style Harry Osborn edits. I basically applied the same concept, but with Dmitri Desgoffe-und-Taxis from The Grand Budapest Hotel (which has to be my favourite film ever). xD 

This is what I have made thus far, there might be more (probably), and I may make something with him in another kind of magazine style–this was truly just to try, because I loved her Harry work so much! 

I would have given the cover a different subtitle but I feel like it also suits Dmitri (the whole dead mother thing, and his return to Schloss Lutz) and it reminds me of one of my favourite novels, Demian, by Hermann Hesse, so I kept it lol. 

Wes Anderson.


I recently went to the cinema to see The Grand Budapest Hotel and ever since, I’ve been hooked on the colour palettes that Wes Anderson (the Film Director) features in his collection of films.

I find Anderson’s films completely mesmerising and I’m pretty sure the 1970’s-esque colour palettes are something to do with it! Typically highly saturated and just down right wonderful, the colour schemes can be clearly matched up with their associated films. The pinks and purples of The Grand Budapest Hotel look good enough to eat and the whole film appears as though shot through an Instagram filtered lense. (and that’s no bad thing seeing as I am OBSESSED with Instagram.)

I happened to stumble across a tumblr blog dedicated to Wes and his colours this week - - and it looks to be a fantastic source of inspiration for artists, designers and for those who like pretty things alike. I love the internet for throwing up this beautiful aesthetic study and whatever you may think of Wes Anderson, you can’t ignore his charming use of colour.

Personally, I just wish The Grand Budapest Hotel existed. For once, this is something Google doesn’t have the answer to. 

(All images from: wesandersonpalettes)