IXD Thesis Festival 2015

Had the chance to go to this awesome event that I discovered totally by chance. The Thesis Festival is when the graduate students presents their thesis for a open public - mostly family, alumni and other students.

The quality of almost all projects really impressed me. Not only the final result but also the research and the process of the students. I can tell that they did really hard work to get there - and what can be more inspiring than that?!

The projects embraced things from apps, to maps, to recommendation tools, to social networks and also a game! All with deep insights, solid conceptual bases, user tested, mocked up (some even available to use right now).. And all the students presented really well at a cinema-like stage (with this huge screen behind them). After each panel (of four or five students) they made a discussion with the students, two or three questions from the presenter (who was also a mentor).

I almost walked out of there willing to apply for some course (but I’ll still investing on the practical side of making things rather than the academic side). For the sake of the truth, I recognize that with good mentors and powerful feedbacks (that really pushes you forward) an academic dive would probably worth the effort. As I had the chance to testify.

Also, Gary Chou (one of the teachers) did a very inspiring final speech - which is always a good thing to hear. Two points that he talked about caught my attention: “make as money as you can while you still young (as long what you’re doing doesn’t hurt your principles)” and “have a thesis for how you want to spend your heartbeat”.

A truly inspiring morning!