• Good Food
  • TiRon & Ayomari
  • #thegoronniesessions

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TiRon & Ayomari - Good Food (Lyrics)

Just hit the fish market chilling off Slauson/ 
Bossing on some shrimp, side of fries on the go/ 
Spotting hood chicks feeling gooder than a mug/ 
Only spent 9 bucks, gotta nigga bout to blow/ 
I’m pausing, call in an order from Pioneer/ 
Quarter water memories still in me lying there/ 
Trying beer battered, iron grilled cattle, dranking brapple/ 
Frankly I chew Frankenberry from Ralphs too/ 
Boo, General Mills shouting orders with clam chowder all over his snout saying it ain’t called pop it’s soda/ 
Cereal killers on the loose, victims with dairy still in ‘em, various minutes of juice that I’m sipping on/ 
A Food Nazi in a peacoat, drinks like its cinco, de mayo on flax seed loafs I eat on/ 
So what you be on? you recommend, I recommend/ 
This what I be on? I recommend, you recommend/ 

We eatin’ good food! 
So what you eating on? 
Catfish (I Had that!) 
Brisket (I Love that!) 
We eatin’ good food! 
Pizza (I Love that!) 
Macaroni (I Had that!) 
Curly Fries (I Love that!) 
Fried Shrimp (I Like that!) 

Holy Top Ramen that’s a whole lotta Parmesan 
Shimmy shimmy pop coconut marzipan 
Flan pon’ my plate, but I don’t like the taste 
And I fuck with Roscoe’s but I don’t really like the wait 
Savory is Lawry’s but hourly is minimum 
Suckin Now & Later’s, I wish it was alligator though 
Garlic powder, flour battered lemon pepper everything 
Tapatio, pots of creole gumbo, tuna bumblebee 
Humbled by all these ovens, loving all of these dishes 
Hugging all of the hummus, kissing all the knishes 
Visits to all my kinfolk when Christmases come around 
And if you eat like we eat then you know we gets down like… 

We eatin’ good food! 
So what you eating on? 
Garlic knots. (I Had that!) 
Cheese bread (I Love that!) 
Tacos (I Love that!) 
We eatin’ good food! 
Bruschetta (I Had that!) 
Lobster (I Love that!) 
Sushi (I Like that!)