agentsex  asked:

The sock-monkey hat: The bodyguard for the SPN actors is Cliff. Cliff's wife Colleen Kosterman has a etsy shop where she offered knit hats for babies. It seems that Misha liked the sock monkey hat so much he asked her to make one in adult size and wore the hat on MTV and it caught on! And many many people have bought her hat. But I think it started with Misha buying a hat to West's head warm

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hi there! I'm reasonably new to the Supernatural fandom and I've seen a bunch of pictures of the guys wearing some sort of monkey hat (?) It seems like there's a story behind it, and I'm pretty sure if originally belonged to Misha Collins? I mean, is there more than one hat, or do they all just share it or what? You seemed like the right person to ask about this :P thanks!

misha has a sock monkey hat but I don’t know the backstory, really.