I made a fan made dead by daylight killer!!! I’m really happy with how this turned out his name is The Goat and he is inspired off the creepy pasta The Goatman. Please tell me what you think!!
Hey uhh please don’t copy or steal??? Please credit me at least???????

Perk: Don’t Look at Me!
For every 5 seconds a survivor is starring at you in a 15 meter range gain a token up to 4 tokens. Token progress stays when not being looked at but will regress after 3 seconds without being looked at.
1 token 3% speed bonus
2 tokens 7% speed bonus
3 tokens 10% speed bonus
4 tokens 14% speed bonus

Perk: Fixation
After a survivor leaves your terror radius and has been chased for 10 seconds or more. Instead of your hear beat going away the survivor continues to hear it for 60 seconds. The killer is also given a general direction in which the survivor left your terror radius.
Cool down 30 seconds

Perk: Hex: Chaos
Every failed skill check also effects 2 other random generators on the map. The aura is only shown on the original failed generator.

Ability: Transform
Transform into a random survivor, you will Mimic their current health state and appearance. When transformed your heartbeat will turn into a (vile stench) an effect on the survivors screen however this does not tell the survivor of their proximity to the killer just if they are in the terror radius or not.
Cannot attack well transformed
Cool down 20 seconds
Can pretend to work on gens well transformed but not make any progress to them and can vault over pallets.

Desmond grew up in isolation away from the world, restricted to the farm his parents owned. As the single child of Jane and Thomas Montegre, Desmond was harshly abused by his father. His dad would often beat him senseless, Desmond would often come out airhead severe bruises and cuts, well when his dad wasn’t drunk. Along with the beatings Desmond would be forced to work unreasonable hours on the farm, taking care of everything entirely by himself. Desmond’s mother had become mute over time giving up as she lost all hope, becoming more and more frail from famine and disease Jane knew her days were numbered. One day after a long beating session on Jane, she didn’t get back up and had died. Desmond had watched it all happened and this had brought him to his breaking point. The next day a very drunk Thomas would walk into his barn to find it filled with the dead bodies of every single farm animal they owned, hung up in a gruesome display almost in a ritualistic manner. In the center of it all stood Desmond, covered in blood and wearing a freshly skinned goat. The overwhelming stench of blood that filled the room caused Thomas to throw up. Thomas became enraged too drunk to understand the gravity of the situation he found himself in or to notice the bloody sickle Desmond still held in his hands. Thomas stormed toward Desmond who made short work of his father, slashing him open with the sickle the repeatedly stabbing him over and over again until Thomas Montegre had become nothing but a piled of blood and flesh unrecognizable to the man he was. Thomas was never himself again after this, not that he was much of anyone before this anyways, he disappeared into the woods never to be seen again, however some say they can smell the stench of blood still when passing by the farm.

I was brought up without any knowledge of jibengong 基本功 (or, the foundational skills that allow a student of Kung Fu to effectively perform their art) and only in the last few months was taught and able to research exactly what that was and how crucially important it is. This is my execution of some Northern-style staff at the beginning of that epiphany, and my hope is that it only gets better from here. 

About a year into my training, Shifu gave me the opportunity to become a private instructor, teaching newer students. A fledgling myself, I more or less copied the teaching style of my own private instructor - at the time, a young black belt himself - and every lesson I taught had me reeling between an enlarged ego and feeling like I was woefully failing my students for my lack of knowledge. Three years later, I still feel inadequate now and again, but the ego is far removed. Now I am humbled when another student asks me a question, or when my private students successfully nail something I’ve tried to teach. They say you don’t really know anything until you can explain it to someone else. Maybe I wasn’t qualified to be a private instructor. Maybe I’m still not. But it’s making me a far better practitioner than I ever would have been without it. 

hi, I’m goat.

I come from a belt factory. I could never say that before. I don’t know when I realized it, but I know when I accepted it. When you want what I want, when you get into it for the reasons I did, that’s an incredibly disheartening notion. Thankfully, and truthfully, my shifu is endlessly knowledgeable and talented at Shaolin Kung Fu, and as his private student, I am able to directly reap the benefits of that knowledge and talent. But he is also a businessman, and the school he runs has consistently lowered and softened its standards to the point of there being almost none at all. I have seen students advance ranks without even having memorized their testing material. I have seen Shifu’s small army of private instructors (which I must count myself among) teach to arbitrary codes and mercurial guidelines. Every day that I go train, I must look upon a sea of black belts who lack even the basic kinesthetic awareness to throw a proper punch. 

I’m not here for any of them. However I’ve gotten here, I’m here. In a few years, I won’t be, but I have no other options at present, and it is my only comfort that despite whyever shifu doesn’t care to enforce high standards of performance, respect, or self-discipline, he does possess a remarkable skill, and I’m honored to learn from him. One day, I’ll do better than he did. For now, I’m only trying to be better than myself, one day at a time. 


Congratulations to Kim Walford @trackfu setting the IPF and USAPL Open Deadlift record at 243kg/535.72lbs #TheGOAT

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