J.Crew baby x the Glow
we’ve been fans of the website the Glow since it launched back in January 2011. the project, which documents the lives of stylish moms, was started by friends Violet Gaynor and Kelly Stuart with the hopes of capturing the “unseen elements of motherhood” through friends like jewelry designer Jennifer Fisher and stylist Kate Young. here, in honor of the launch of J.Crew baby (and the arrival of Violet’s daughter, Plum), we teamed up with the Glow and turned the lens on its cofounder.

Photography by Kelly Stuart for the Glow.

For the full story, check out the Glow here.

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To reach that upper level,
your mind, body and soul must be one.

It’s a sacrifice, it takes hard work,
It’s a way of life.
When you got the glow, you feel the one,
(You feel the one)
When you got the glow, Your body’s gold,
(Your body’s gold)
So don’t let go, of the power of elevation.

Shine On… #thelastdragon #theglow #williehutch #tbt #throwbackthursday

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The first thing I saw when I walked into Goodwill today with @gomking. Anyone who knows me knows that, “Rhythm of the Night” was one of my favorite songs as a kid when I saw it in the movie, “The Last Dragon”. Glad I found this. #debarge #eldebarge #rhythmofthenight #thrift #thrifting #thriftlife #records #vinyl #thelastdragon #theglow #whosthemaster #bruceleroy #shonuff #vanity (at Goodwill)

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Okay, so we are all pretty excited (or intrigued seems more appropriate) with all this stuff. I will be scouring the Internets for anything and everything I can. Then again, work makes things difficult for me to do that. For accurate, timely information concerning Fallout 4, Survivor 2299, or anything concerning all this awesome new stuff, please be sure to follow mirelurk-cakes (I’ll try to link when I get home from work). Thanks!


I’m currently selling the PDF version of the collector’s issue, to raise money for the completion of the graphic novel. This issue provides you with access to the voice narrated mixtape. 


Here are some shots of the art: