Safe Haven || Travis & Julie

It had only been a few weeks since Travis was abandoned and left to die by his former group members. Though the days of walking felt like years and the numerous packs of walkers and bandits he encountered made it feel even longer.  Now walking down this long road to another probably infested city din’t seem fulfilling but he had to find some thing to eat some where. Travis felt tired both physically and mentally, the longer he was alone the more his mind deteriorated. The abuse from the bandits didn’t help either, staying with them for as long as he did was a mistake but at least he got a nice pistol and a knife from them.

As he got closer to the city he noticed that there was a wall surrounding it. Does that mean that there are actually people in there? Travis started running as he made this realization, human contact? It’s been so long… but what if they’re just like the bandits? No matter, he just kept running until he found his way to a large gate. He slowly started walking up to it, reading the many markings on the wall, one standing out more than the others “Welcome to the dead zone, look alive.” Some sort of joke? As he approached the gate he could swear he heard a voice, a man’s voice but not an actual man. Like a person talking on a TV or video tape. He slowly started creeping, closer and closer until it started opening, revealing a young woman, probably about his age, blonde, and a few others. He froze not knowing what he should, he stood in place until finally opening his mouth to speak

“I-I’m not dead.”

Okay where was he? Lost, yeah.  Wy was really lost, everywhere he went was pretty empty, no one was really around, and it kinda looked like one of the various video games he played were like everyone packed up and left because something bad happened.  For the teenager, he really hoped that, that wasn’t the case for him currently.  So he continued walking, until he saw a blond female.  A sigh of relief escaped the boys lips before he jogged over.  "Uhm, excuse me?“ 

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Out for Supplies || Closed RP

“Hurry up,” Norelle ordered.

Ella sped up, trying to walk in pace with her look alike. “Slow d, down some!” she spoke in reply.

“No,” the confident brunette replied. “We need to meet up with Julie so we can go outside the walls.”

“Sh, she c, c, can’t l, leave without us!” Ella pointed out. “They w, won’t let her o, out a, a, al, alone!” The girl huffed. “Wh, Why do y, you want m, me to go anyways?”

“It’s not safe out there. Three are safer than two.” Norelle had dressed as she saw was safe; a leather jacket, pants she could run in, and black converse and a high messy bun. Ella on the other hand was in her usual sweater with braid. “Look. There she is.”

It was amazing what you could find skirting paths less traveled. You didn’t even have to look too hard to find some incredible things. A stack of hundred dollar bills. Broken camera.

Dead body.

It was a shame that she had already died before he got to her. He would have much delighted in taking his surgical tools to that lovely, ebony skin. A damn shame indeed.

But what was done was done, and after a long four minutes of admiration and what might have been melancholy he chose to leave the body there for authorities to find and identify. Spare no tips unless asked. He’d found that the smell of dried blood had begun to cling to his clothing. Nothing a little fresh air couldn’t fix.

Running into somebody, he could have done without. So long as they didn’t catch the scent, he didn’t care. A forced, tight lipped smile. “Lost?”

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1. Do you live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine?

~Nope… but in the town where I was born lived a man who sailed the sea. ;)

2. WHAT is your name?

~Sir Lancelot of Camelot!

3. WHAT is your quest?

~To seek the Holy grail! 

5. WHAT is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

~What do you mean? An African or European swallow?

6. Violin or cello?

~Violin, most definitely. Tis my favorite instrument ^^

7. Were you, are you, or will you ever be Misha Collins?


8. What fandom have you been apart of the longest? How long?
Dude, uuuhhh…. Pokemon? Maybe? That’s pretty much where it all started, and I still have most of my old toys. Although I don’t like the newer pokemon, I’ve always been a fan of the original and probably always will be.

9. Pet peeve?

~When people are smacking their gum loudly, when people don’t say thank you when you hold the door open or do something for them, when you’re walking down the hall and you’re about to pass a person and they don’t even bother to move the slightest bit out of the way, and people who are EXTREMELY loud and obnoxious in a room full of people. (all of these things happen happen on a regular basis at my school, and i hate it…)

10. Did you notice that I skipped relocated number four?

~I did, actually. :P

4. Number four would like to know how you feel about its new position. Please provide brief feedback below:


11. How about a fun (or, maybe, not so fun) fact?

~I have the most insane dreams ever. Infact, last night I had a crazy dream about being lost on this floating island and there was tons of fog and mist. Somewhere later on in my dream, tons of my friends and I were dieing and we knew it, so we make movies our or favorite parts of our lives and showed them in a movie theatre. It was… strange.


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7. WOULD YOU RATHER have everything you eat and drink ALWAYS be cold(ei: cold water, cold pizza, cold veggies, icecream, etc), OR have everything you eat and drink ALWAYS be hot(ei: warm water, warm pizza, warm veggies, soup, etc)? 

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