When it comes to guys there’s pretty much only 2 kinds: the players or the not dating anyone for like a year cause my girlfriend broke up with me. I’m in a sticky citation now cause my one best guy friend is telling me to not date this kid I really like that I hung out with at the game and I think likes me and then there’s my other guy friend that’s a total player and is telling me go for it and not to hold back. Well they’re giving me 2 different opinions and it’s really confusing and this guy that I like is really nice and he’s not a player and he’s kinda awkward but he’s adorable. What do I do?

What about friendship?

My best friend Joey is like my brother ands if i didnt have him at homecoming tonight i think i wouldn’t have made it through the whole night. He actually made me have a fun time and he got this guy i had the biggest crush on slow dancde with me and dance with me and ughhhh the night was perf and i realized how important friendship really is and how appreciative i am that i have such a great friend like joey. If you don’t have a best friend or any friends just talk to me! i honestly used to have like no friends until i met joey and all of his friends. it doesnt matter what gender you are anybody could be anybody’s best friend. The bond that best friends share is truly amazing and genuinely the best thing you will ever experience in your life. You’ll realize you have someone by your side that’s not your boyfriend or girlfriend but is always gonna be there no matter what happens. They won’t judge you and you can be whoever you wanna be around them. I think friendship is honestly the best thing in life.

–anonymous blogger xoxo