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Will you guys make another tiny chat soon? Would love to see chris colfsim, dianna simgron and lea michsim :)

We will eventually do another tiny chat. We’ll announce when it will happen. I don’t know if Lea and Dianna will be able to be there at the same time though haha!


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1. What is your dream job/life (i know not original but i want to know tell meh)

I don’t really know yet.. I think something like a movie/theater journalist/interviewer. Or something behind the scenes. 

2. If you could step into 1 other reality, be it another period in time or a fictional world etc, where would you go? (no worries you can always come back if you want)

HARRY POTTER!! Hogwarts! i’m ready, my body is ready! 
3. What would you do if you came face to face with your favorite characters?

Stare, stutter, hug them, be awkward, thank them, tell them how much i love them. Then i’d walk way and cry for years. 
4. Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Not here, for sure. Somewhere in a big city, London, NYC, SF.. I hope i have a gf by then, married maybe. And i really want kids, so kids, yeah! :) 
5. Congratulations, you have found yourself a time machine. What historic day do you want to witness?

Huh… idk.. I’d go into the future to the day equality is a rule and same-sex marriage is a natural part of society, and is accepted. 
6.What would you tell 14 year old you?

That life is hard but that that’s okay! That i’m important and worth more than people may say. To never deny what i belief cause it isn’t “cool”. To speak up and stand up for myself and what i belief is important to me. 

To never start looking underneath my bed cause i’m scared something might be hiding there, seriously, me, DON’T! just don’t, that would’ve solved many problems.. 
7. Favorite musical? You are not allowed to say wicked, pick another one.

High School Musical, duh! I mean, what even is Wicked???!! 
8. You are granted one wish, and one wish only no wishing for extras, what do you wish for?

To be happy 
9. You are suddenly a miljonair, what is the first thing you buy?

Umm.. probably an iPhone and then plane tickets out of here! 
10. How does your dream wedding look like?

Spring, friends and family. Like coming home.. ugh, i haven’t really thought about this. 
11. If your life was a reality show,what would it be called?

Love me, please? 

I’m gonna try very hard to think of 11 people to tag so:


1. What’s your name?

2. Do you want kids (do you already have kids?)?

3. How many countries have you travelled to?

4. What side of the bed do you sleep on?

5. Do you speak any cool languages?

6. Did you know french fries are actually Belgian?

7. Are you in love?

8. Are you happy with how your life turned out?

9. Did you ever fall in love with a random stranger?

10. Do you sort people into categories based on how they look and on other people you know. like, “oh, you’re an Ellen, you’re the Ellen in this new group of friends”

11. Do you notice the shoes a person is wearing when you walk by them? 

Thank you all!! I already apologize cause most of you have no idea who i am.. but i adore and love you all! 

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Chris has his own life, he is a grown man and he makes his own decisions. I don't have the proof if he's dating with Will yeah, but I won't choose he's going to date. Chris and Darren are really good friend and yeah I'd support them if they dated but Darren said that he is not gay and he has a GIRLFRIEND. So, I love both of them and I respect their choices. I'm not gonna hate the people that they are dating

i don’t hate will for supposedly dating chris, i dislike him becasue of what he’s put on his blog

i know chris has his own personal life, so does Will but chillers don’t seem to realise that


that’s not choosing who he’s going to date

PR seems to chose that