thegirlwholovesparamore replied to your post: Oh you hate Justin? Is this just your pathetic way of getting notes? Your just hating on him cause he has what you never will have integrity so shut your mouth, and go get something you really have the need to hate against like Paramore, shit band, all ugly bastards, just like you, Thank you and goodbye.

HAHAHA paramore is a sit band?? Loooool

OMG  I know!!! I read it and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I mean I don’t hate the pop culture and I do accept that some people in that genre of music can sing but Biber cannot sing and is always derogatory to women so I hate him. I wonder what their reason is for hating Paramore. 

artvangels  asked:

Grey and red!

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things.

  • One of my favourite things is actually a family heirloom from my Great-Grandmother and was one of her necklaces she has worn before she passed away.
  • The other’s really stupid but it’s my stuff toy Jordan the dog haha who I’ve had since I was 4 :3

Red: 5 facts about my best friend.

  • She’s originally from WA.
  • She’s quarter Kiwi.
  • Her middle name is Anne.
  • Her hair’s originally blonde-ish.
  • I couldn’t imagine life without her (HAH! That just reminded me of The Hunger Games LOL).