anonymous asked:

Hi. There's a confession blog that's been taking some of your confessions, and posting them as their own. They don't take the pictures that you put the confessions on. They just take the confessions, and put them on different pictures, to make it seem like their own. At first, I just thought it was a coincidence, but they have a few of your confessions on their page. The blog is called TheGirlsConfess. -_-

Well if this is true I don’t even want to comment because it’s not worth it. But sometimes people send confessions to two confessions blogs at the same time. It happened before the other way around! 

And lots of people are sending us messages about this “TheGirlsConfess” blog asking us about our opinions on the blog. Honestly I don’t know those girls and I don’t go on their blog. So maybe they’re really nice girls, but if they feel the need to come and steal confessions from us than that’s their choice! :) -P xx