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"Oh!" Sophie said, eyes widening as she stared at Morgana. Then, a grin came on her face. "Really, Morgana? A puppy?" She liked dogs, having had Abby since she could remember but she getting old now. Sophie then frowned at the thought of the old dog, biting her lip when thinking how tired she seemed lately. Much as she would like to have a puppy, she was still attached to the old greyhound.

“Mm-hm.” Morgana smiled as she held out a wiggling pup. “Aesir hunting dogs grow slower, but they are easy ta train. This little guy is the runt of the litter.”


They watched him from the shadows.

They watched as the man in gold swung his gleaming scythe, cutting down their comrades left and right.

He is not afraid.

They watched as the man in gold led his men against them, shining brighter than any sun.

These men fear us, but not when he leads them, not when he shines so brightly.

The fearling children watched him, this man in gold, and hated him.

He kills us! He burns us! He is not afraid!

Oh, how they hated him.

Kill him! Devour him! Snuff out this light that shines so brightly!

As the war went on, the man in gold continued to thwart them. It seemed to the fearlings that he shone brighter, became a beacon that banished darkness.

We are scared! This golden man knows no fear! We fear him!

It was then that an idea came to the fearlings.

If he was ours, we would not fear him. If he was ours, everyone would fear us. If he was ours…

When the Golden General took on the burden of guarding their prison, the fearlings were delighted. Now was their chance to make him theirs!

What are you afraid of, golden man?

They whispered to him, promised him unimaginable power, pleaded for just a moment of air. But to no avail. He remained stalwart in his duty to guard them.

The fearlings chittered and spit, frustrated.

He is not afraid! He will not listen! Why? Why? Why!?

It was then that one of the fearlings noticed something. The golden man was peaking at something. A picture! A picture of a little girl. They watched as he gazed at her, running a finger lovingly over her picture, before tucking it back into his armor. They watched, and they hated her.

SHE is the reason he is not afraid! SHE is the reason he ignores us! He shines for HER!

It was the nightmare men that thought of it. They were much more experienced at tasting even minute amounts of anxiety. And they could tell, this man in gold was afraid of something. And that girl he held so close to his heart was the key. They counseled the fearlings.

Perhaps…if you call to him…if you sound like her…

The fearlings rebelled.

But we hate her! Hate, hate, HATE HER!

But they wanted him. And he would listen to her.

So they gave it a try.


At first, the Golden General did not respond. It was a trick. He knew this.

Daddy… It’s so dark…

But gradually, ever so gradually, his resolve began to crumble.

Daddy… I’m scared…                                        

Anxiety thrummed at his core. The nightmare men sensed this and joined in.

You’ll never see her again. Never, ever again.

He wanted to see her. Wanted to stay with her and watch her grow up and live happily in the Golden Age he had fought so hard to create.

We’ll devour her, choke her with fear. And there’s nothing you can do about it. Daddy…please…they’re hurting me… I’m so very scared.

He grit his teeth, and looked at his locket. She wasn’t anywhere near here. The shadows always lied. She’s safe. And yet…

You can’t help her. Not unless you open the door.

Daddy… help me…

He was so very tired. He wanted to see his daughter so much it hurt. And he was exhausted. Doubt gnawed at the Golden General.

If you let us out, you’ll be free too. No more guard duty. They’ll send you home.

Daddy! Please! Don’t you love me? Help me!

Eventually, a day came when the man in gold faltered. Whether he allowed himself to be tricked or if he had finally succumbed to the endless whisperings of the shadows, no one would ever be able to say for sure. Regardless, the door was opened, and the fearlings burst forth.

We are free! Free! And now…

To his credit, the Golden General fought with all his might to stop the outpouring of nightmare creatures. He swung his scythe, cutting through the shadowed masses, shining brighter than he had ever shined before. But now, he was not so sure of himself.

Now he is afraid! Now he knows fear!

The fearlings consumed him, that man in gold, and extinguished his light. They took his memories: of himself, of his home, and especially of his daughter. Such things would only get in the way. Perhaps even rekindle his light. And they couldn’t have that. From the darkness arose a new being of the fearlings’ creation. They rejoiced.

He is ours! Ours, ours, ours! Our father…

((The idea for this came from thegirlinthementalhospital’s head canons. I love the idea that the fearlings developed some form of warped childish desire for him to be their father.))

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Hey, before I ask my question, I just have to say your art is amazing!! Absolutely brilliant!! And your idea is just brilliant and the way you place and have the characters is fantastic!!! U are brilliant, you! Now, as for my question, I've been wondering how exactly would Pitch go about things differently from Mother Gothel when finding out Tooth is no longer in the tower?

((So sorry I’m answering this so late! And omg stOP I’M NOT THAT GOOD retfcsjhbvgxbgrxt-*rolls all over the place*

Ah, this is a tricky question… Pitch is quite overprotective of Tooth, but not in the same way as Mother Gothel, for obvious reasons. Pitch would probably have a panic attack, to put it lightly. He’d immediately assume someone kidnapped her, and not that she left on her own free will, because why would she? He warned her about the world and told her not to leave the tower. In his mind she wouldn’t, can’t disobey, so something terrible must’ve happened. Someone must’ve kidnapped her, even though she knows how to defend herself. So when he then finds her singing on the top of her lungs with a bunch of thugs in a shady bar, he kind of just stands there in complete shock for a while.))