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just wanted to drop by and say you're one of my favorite blogs! and I think you're john winchester tags are absolutely true & credible, couldn't agree with you more. have a lovely day/night! :))

ahhhh you’re so sweet!!! thank you so much! ♥

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Did you ever call Misha when he released his number on twitter? :) & i'm not sure what an update tab is but I don't think I have one :/


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Hi, I was wondering how do you turn on those 4 cute little christmas links around where the sidebar pic is? I can't see them on the theme I got from you with the stockings and circle side bar. Thanks for making such a wonderfully cute theme!!! :)

For them to appear you need to put some custom links. You can find them in your Customize page, under the color options

This is how they look like for my live preview blog:

If you don’t have any links you’d like to put there you can let the Custom Link Title # uncompleted and on Custom Link # simply put / 

And thank you! :)

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Just did the survey, your blog is perfection!! :)

What omg no but thank you

Note: Doing a S8 rewatch so these might slow down sorry

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I was tagged by womblebella to do the thing

Rule 1 - post the rules

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  1. Which Authors do you like?  I love john green lately. Also j. k. rowling and ellen hopkins.
  2. What’s the weirdest food you’ve eaten?  I hate weird foods, lol.
  3. Dogs or cats?  Dogs. I’ve always been a dog person.
  4. Last song you listened to? Gold Rush by ed sheeran
  5. Do you have a nickname?  Sometimes people call me bri. so not really.
  6. How come lemon washing up liquid contains real lemons, but lemon juice contains artificial flavourings?  shits fucked up, yo (I have no idea)
  7. What’s the most annoying thing anyone’s ever said to you?  Uhh. I have a terrible memory so…i don’t know. but I don’t really get annoyed easily anyway.
  8. (this is getting difficult to think of new questions). If parents say “never take candy from strangers” then why do we celebrate Halloween?  idk man what’s up with parents being hypocrites anyway??
  9. Have you ever tasted soap? (I wouldn’t recommend it. Ever).  Not that I can recall.
  10. Have you ever invented a smoothie?  Yeah! nutella and bananas! 
  11. Do you like penguins?  I’ve never given it much thought, but yeah, I suppose I do.

Alright, my questions:

1. Favorite animated show?

2. Favorite animal, land or sea?

3. What does your room look like right now?

4. Do you have a favorite band/musician? If so, who?

5. Favorite article of clothing you own and why?

6. What did you do last year on your birthday?

7. Favorite TV show?

8. Top 3 favorite movies?

9. Favorite kind of cake?

10. Have you ever been in love?

11. Favorite celebrity?

Okay, I tag:










Okay! Tag me if you do it, i wanna read them :)

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linger by the cranberries ~ hackensack by katy perry ~ anyone else but you by michael cera and ellen page ~ angels by the xx ~ lovesong by adele ~ at last by etta james ~ without you by lana del rey ~ riptide by vance joy ~ wings by birdy ~ let’s stay together by max schneider & megan nicole ~ i’m gonna be (500 miles) by sleeping at last ~ i only have eyes for you by the flamingos ~ video games by lana del rey ~ toothpaste kisses by the maccabees ~ bloom by the paper kites ~ lover of the light by mumford & sons ~ turning page by sleeping at last ~ never let me go by florence & the machine ~ lucky by jason mraz & colbie caillat ~ arms by christina perri ~ kiss me by ed sheeran ~ ho hey by the lumineers ~ strawberry swing by coldplay ~ island in the sun by weezer ~ the only exception by paramore ~ can’t help falling in love by twenty one pilots

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  • Mumford & Sons stuff
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That’s all I can think of right now, I’ll update if I remember more. Please reblog, for me :) lol 

Would LOVE for all TVD fans to check out my new mix dedicated to my favorite character! The links right here!!>>> I’m A Survivor

01 how to be a heartbreaker - marina and the diamonds  // 02 the cave - mumford and sons // 03  get some - lykke li // 04 you know i’m no good - amy winehouse // 05 kill of the night - gin wigmore // 06 poison & wine - the civil wars // 07 i love it - icona pop ft. charli xcx // 08 kill and run - sia // 09 roar - katy perry // 10 troublemaker - olly murs ft. flo rida // 11 it’s my life - no doubt // 12 fire in your new shoes - dragonette // 13 the scientist - coldplay // 14 happiness is overrated - airborne toxic event // 15 survivor - destiny’s child

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How much longer do you think it will be trendy to be a feminist?

Feminism shouldn’t have to be a trend because trends are something that don’t last long and people do them to fit in. Feminism is an entirely different thing but I do see where you’re coming from. Well honestly, these days people are just too scared to at least admit women deserve rights so until that day where everyone can be comfortable to say, “Yes, I believe women deserve the same rights as men”, for now we can just hope that people start to regain some sense into them and do something about it. I hope I answered your question right, sorry if I didn’t! Thanks! :)