Few hours and The Giphoscope Award Winner will be announced!
We have also created some ‘Special Awards’ (and that’s the reason for this 1 day delay, sorry!):

1 - The Giphoscope Award Winner
2 - Best hand drawn
3 - Best illustration
4 - Best collage
5 - Best 3D
6 - Best photography
7 - Best geometry
8 - Best abstract
9 - Best humour
10 - Best media

Stay Tuned!
Prosthetic Knowledge + YOU-DOT-GIF + OKKULT Motion Pictures

The Giphoscope Award 2014

The Giphoscope Award is an International Competition opened to GIF artists. The objective is to create a 24 frame animated GIF for the Giphoscope, the world first analog GIF player designed by Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese from Officina K.

The winner will be awarded with a one-of-a-kind, special Award edition Giphoscope with marble stand, displaying the winning GIF.

All GIFs will be evaluated by an international jury including:
Rich Oglesby | Prosthetic Knowledge
Benoit Ciron | You-dot-gif
Alessandro Scali and Marco Calabrese | Giphoscope creators, OKKULT Motion Pictures

- submission is free
- each artist can submit only one GIF
- the animated GIF must be 24 frames
- aspect ratio 4:3
- size less than 1MB, or less than 2MB for GIF under 400 px wide (Tumblr limit)

- to submit your work, fill out the submission form on the
- all GIFs will be posted on the tumblog in submission order
- remember to write who you are

- submission opening april 22 2014
- submission deadline may 31 2014 (11:59:59 pm GMT)
- winner announcement june 15 2014
- giphoscope delivery until the end of june

For any question: