BEATS!! Right, Natsuki-taaaaaaan?

The blonde was currently hiding under the bed from his roommate; Natsuki. He’d been trying to avoid the foot taller teen; resorting to finding the tiniest spots and somehow worming himself right on in.

Like he was currently underneath his bed.

'He can't find me here...'

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Who wants a taste of my
P O I S O N - ?
It tastes just like raspberry tea.
Won't you have some?

Ara; hadn’t he already poisoned off Natsuki? Or maybe this was just some kind of twilight zone? Seeing the three other unfamiliar faces was sure strange; but at least Haruka was a slight comfort.

“Haruka-san, hello. Shinomiya-san, hello.”

The others; he gave nothing but a simple nod.

After all

People were just pawns on the
course of life or death.
And he was out to kill them all.

αɾҽɳ'ƚ ɯҽ ƚԋҽ ʂαɱҽ ρҽɾʂσɳ...

Eh? Wasn’t this himself? Last time Natsuki checked; he wasn’t staring into a mirror. Blinking his jade eyes, he decided not to say a word, confused beyond wits end. This was such a strange occurance…

ıllıllı the crossdressing effect ıllıllı

Syo sat on Natsuki’s bed; pouting slightly. All the platinum blonde wanted to do was squeal and take pictures. Meanwhile, Syo’s reasons for willingly putting on was to seduce his secret lover.

Having been unable to do that as of yet; he decided to try something new. Lifting a hand up to Natsuki’s face; he carefully removed the glasses that withheld Satsuki and placed them on the table, before looking up.

FOX AND PUPPY | | ρυρρу-gιנιηкα ηαтѕυкι/ƒσχ-gιנιηкα ѕуσ

“Nnn…! So bored…!” He’d been sent by his younger (yet much bossier!) twin to his room for ’ solitary confinement ’ since he’d been caught writing a secret love note to Natsuki. What did Kaoru have against the puppy? Syo’s little puppy - as he called him - was adorable and so sweethearted; there was nothing wrong with him.

Save for a certain darker half.

’ Whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine… ’

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Walk in slow-motion

So you still look awesome.

Guard just saw you, now he’s gonna shoot you.

But don’t mind him, just keep looking awesome.

That shadow will take care of him


Guard says STOP!

Just kill him with your awesome.

The other got hit by an arrow so you’re good.


Hopefully those guards got good armor!

No they don’t. Maybe they do.

They don’t!

Now act like you didn’t do it

They’re not buying it.

The target comes out of his shelter

He’s distracted by a feather

Target says SHOOT ME

He likes feathers.

He looks up and then remembers.

Oh I LOVE birds!

a solidarity that needs to come... | | ƚԋҽɠҽɱιɳιɱҽʅσԃყ | | ɳαƚʂυƙι/ʂყσ | ʂɳαρρҽԃǃʂყσ
' I'll make the strychnine
taste like raspberry tea... '

Syo chuckled softly; pouring something fruity looking into one of the eight glasses. Eight - one for himself, one for the other five STARISH members, and one two for Tomochika and Haruka. Only one got the fruity looking stuff.


However; as if revisiting his plan, he dropped the glass and went to clean it up; giving everyone else their drinks and giving Natsuki his own.

No. Not yet. Not with too many people.

That strychnine was
too powerful.

“I apologise; all, for dropping the glass. I got it.”

Anything to not arouse suspicion.

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Roses are red. Violets are too. I suck at being original with love letters, but I love you!~♥

(( baby is this ooc or ic ill reply both ways:

Roses are red, violets are blue, You’re such a cutie; and I’m only for you~! ♥ ))


Roses are red, and violets are purple.

I’m trying to be original.

What rhymes with purple?

I love you~

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