thegeeksshallinherittheearth said: jesus…can we not have that as the tag??? That’s just a giant bundle of nope.

I’m all for puns and everything, and if I wasn’t 97% sure of what’s going to happen in the next few episodes I’d think it was clever…but no. I can’t even describe the level of fuck no I am feeling.

bisexualnedstax  asked:

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (ROGUE DEMON HUNTER)

Why I like them: because he has one THE BEST character arcs I’ve ever seen ever of everything
Why I don’t: he makes some bad choices with faith and is kind of arrogant at the beginning, but it’s those changes that make him an amazing person and such a well rounded character
Favorite episode: I think it’s got to be his entrance on angel as rogue demon hunter
Favorite season: urg urg probably him on angel like season 3 and 4 of angel wesley was amazing and pain and joy and PAIN
Favorite line: “I’m a rogue demon hunter”/“what’s a rogue demon?”
Favorite outfit: his all leather demon hunting outfit slash also his things on his hands what are spikes and he gets them s4 i think?
OTP: ahhrgh this is hard? I shipped him and lyla a lot. and I wanted him and fred to be a thing, but I think it sort of became less of my ship in to season 4
Brotp: wesley giles were hilarious though
Head Canon: he is actually obsessed with angel
Unpopular opinion: uhhidk i feel like there really arent many opnions about him that are unpopular that i can even think of
A wish: he can just have love in his life the love he deserves
An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen: for him to feel like he’s worthless
5 words to best describe them: strong, brilliant, deep, passionate, humane
My nickname for them: (in an intense singing voice) “WESLEY WYNDAM PRICE ROGUE DEMON HUNTER

Tumblr Crushes:

This is genuinely the first time in a while that the majority of my “Tumblr Crushes” have been people I ACTUALLY follow. And, as it happens, YOU SHOULD GO FOLLOW THEM ALL!

(Well, with the possible exception of the last three. I don’t follow them… But, uhm… yeah…)