kaolu_asanuma: KNOT FEST !!!

Kai: KNOT FEST was amazing!

great job, everyoneー(´౪`)

Reita: you were all so great! thank you! it was just 30 minutes but when it was over I was sweating like crazy! the day’s not over yet so pleeaaase enjoy the rest of the festival! #knotfestjapan

Reita: oh, and goodbye…to my black mask…I won’t forget you. 

Aoi: thanks to everyone at KnotFest. 
I’m really thankful to the many people who cooparated and allowed us to be part of this festival. 

I hope it’ll become a great memory for all of you! 

even though we were only on stage for 30 minutes I’m exhausted.
Aoi: and thank you for supporting the GazettE this year again! let’s meet again next year 🤘🌞

Aoi: 【WE’RE CLOSED】\_( ゚ロ゚) this is important!
Aoi: 【door】  \\\└(‘ω’)┘//// 【door】

Ruki: thanks to everyone for a great show at KNOTFEST ! ! it was sooo much fun! after all, it really is super exciting to get to perform at such festivals and we’ve learned a lot so it’s really been a privilege and an honor. and with all the fans there we went even wilder which felt so reassuring! thanks! and to all those who came to see us for the first time, thank you, I appreciate it! 🤘

Ruki: so awesome 🤘

Reita: wuooh ! ! an amazing festival is over ! everyone please be careful on your way home ! ! #knotfestjapan

*First he tweeted that they’re closing the shop but this tweet kinda looks like the doors are opening again, not sure though.