We’ll get there…eventually.

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When your in The store and you get to feeling the music 😂 #soca #thegap #onlyinflatbush lol

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ya’ll i’m so excited to be doing my 2nd collaboration with the @GAP! #werking on some customized jeans for their upcoming #GAPartofdenim project! save the date #because i’ll be customizing jeans and showing art in a mini installation at the GAP store on 5th avenue March 21.  #allDAYE #CreativeJenius #NeochaEdge photos: @creativejenius

Have you ever had a pair of pants just get you?

It may be a bit early to tell, but I think I’ve found the pair of pants that will get me through another New England winter (in spirit, maybe not in warmth). Gap, sz 12 tall, cranberry, skinny corduroy pants. They fit perfectly, not a lot of stretch so they hold their shape nicely. Long enough, comfortable waist- not too high, not too low-, no weird extra space in the crotch. And maybe most impressive, just $20! 

Seriously thinking about buying a couple more colors. It’s made my week, I’d say month but we’re only 3 days in.