Try using fun patterns and colors to add a little excitement to your interview. Wearing a polka dot dress or stripe patterned pants will let you use darker colors, such as navy blue and black, to keep your outfit conservative, but still allow you to stand out. Bright colors, such as the red jumper I went with, shows that I am confident, but also young, comfortable, and approachable. I decided to add a light blue necklace and short suede bootie heels for a colorful touch. (Final Outfit: Red Dress from The GAP; Turquoise Necklace from Nordstrom; Jessica Simpson Suede Bootie Heels from Nordstrom Rack)

Don’t mind the random plate, I was feeding my dog. But anyways YEYYY fall! It is so chilly in NYC today, and it is beyond beautiful. I had one class then I had to go wait on that line to get my boyfriend GTA V *rolls eyes*. But these boots were definitely made for walking and they’re so perfect. Literally perfect riding boots, however I think if I could go back I might have gotten them in black, but I don’t know.

Top: The Gap (My favorite color this season)

Vest: Top Shop

Pants: Zara

Socks: American Apparel (these are perfect for boots, they’re so high)

Boots: Steve Madden

Necklace: ASOS

Watch: Urban Outfitters

This vest is pretty bulky, I love it like that, but I definitely think I had too much going on to wear my hair down. I also laid out my clothes this morning strategically, it was fun I felt like a stylist.

I’m sorry I’m late today, I have class really late because Monday’s are my senior seminar (ugh) then I had to write a History essay which was really hard for me. First essay I’ve ever written in college that wasn’t on literature, well not really. It was on like the Declaration of Independence and whatnot but anyways, this was my outfit today. And my sweater was heaven.

Top: TopShop

Bottoms: The Gap

Shoes: Piperlime

Bag: Steve Madden

Bracelets: Urban Outfitters, BCBG

Necklace: ASOS

Ugh the quality of my pictures suck now that Photoshop sucks, I think I’ll start using my actual camera. It’s like a cheap one, but anythings better than this nonsense. But today for the first time I wore this sweater, I want to say it’s called a fishmen sweater or something like that, but it was so warm and fuzzy and beautiful. I wish you guys could see the details on these pants, they had a lot of seams kind of giving them a motorcycle-y pants look, way to go Gap. They’re so comfortable too. I really loved my outfit today just because of that comfort. The infrared color is awesome too.  

But that’s about it, ugh my Monday sucked! All my teachers are assigning our pre-midterm essays so I feel like I’m getting swamped with work lately, but it’ll be worth it at least!