The Future Starts Today ✗ Sean & Sophia

It was an ordinary day, a day where nothing much was happening. Sophia woke in the morning at 5 am sharp, made herself a cup of coffee and attempted to rid herself of the incessantly nagging migraine that she knew would stick around. An average day where she ran into the doorway in her chair, and an average day where she sat - ever so frustrated - on the floor in an attempt to dress herself that never took any less time or any less tears no matter how many days passed since she found herself so inconveniently crippled. An average day where she showed up to work and pushed through the frustration and the headaches, in the name of the greater good.

Except that wasn’t the case at all. Sophia woke to a phone call from her boss letting her know that she should take the day off because of something going around, an awful sort of sickness that hadn’t been seen before. Now, while this came as no surprise to her, it was for an entirely different reason than usual. That morning, she opened her eyes to a blurry bedroom. In attempt to simply rid the sleep from her vision, she raised a hand and rubbed her eyes, but nothing changed. While making her coffee, a tremor ran through her arm and before she had time to set her mug down, there was a mess of shattered glass and coffee on the floor. 

After a considerable amount of struggle (more so than usual), Sophia found herself in the streets of Little Italy, just outside of her apartment. Where the ‘normal’ people went about their 'normal’ duties, without a clue of what was going on behind the scenes.