Someone stole my fucking wheelchair, a TiLite ZRa, off my front porch today. If anyone in Portland sees a chair that looks like the one in the top photo, please let me know or inform the police- case number is 15326857.

The second photo is someone on Yik Yak claiming responsibility because I “don’t really need it”, and telling me it is in my former dorm. We checked, but without a warrant our Public Safety department cannot check individual rooms. And honestly, it might not be there. Some asshole might be fucking with me, because they think this is all funny.

I have never been this hurt, angry, or afraid in my life. If you know anything at all, please inform me and the cops. If you don’t, please signal boost, I’m begging you.

I need my mobility back.

  • tumblr:shoplifting as a means of survival should not be a punishable offence
  • me:yes true it should be handled by social security services without police involvement because avoiding death is not a crime and-
  • tumblr:i should be able to just fucking take sephora makeup from the shop shelves scot-free because communism
  • me:you know what nevermind i hope you get arrested
Ya'll know why little richard sang so fast?

when he first started he’d put a song out and the white radio stations would get their own singers to sing the song in the style they wanted (like kidsBop but on every radio station ). well little richard was like “well i don’t like that…what if i make it so hard to sing they cant imitate it.” he became so fast that if you wanted to hear a song by Little Richard Then you had to listen to Little Richard.

Claire Fontaine, Untitled (I’ve stolen it), 2014.

Untitled (I’ve stolen it) (2014), is an animated neon sign that displays four different sentences revolving around the legitimacy of ownership and theft. The text of the sign is inspired by a chapter of the historical book by R.D. Laing entitled Knots that explores with disturbing depth recurrent double binds and vicious circles imprisoning our free will and condemning us to compulsive repetitions.

Guys can you do me a huge favour

EDIT: The vine has since been deleted, thank you everyone for reblogging this and spreading the word.

If you see this on your dash

don’t reblog it.

The original animation belongs to @kamdango and she did not consent to having it reposted.

She’s a good friend of mine and she’s had a lot of her animations stolen in the past and honestly I am seriously sick of seeing it happen, she works really hard on making content for people to laugh at and enjoy but when her shit is just straight up stolen from her with literally no credit whatsoever its extremely disheartening.

The worst part about this vine is that they even cropped her name out of it.

So yeah for her sake, please, please don’t reblog it.

Now that white people want big lips, it’s considered cool and attractive. Excuse my language, but that’s some fuck shit.

Artist Beware

Who: Erika O’Neil, aka: Beyondhergrave, Dark Queen Eris the Dragoness  http://beyondhergrave.deviantart.com/

Why: Filing false charge backs on Paypal for “unauthorized payment”

I had finished her commission on September 7th, she had sent full payment on September 2nd.

The dispute was opened on September 20th. I had messaged her on DA about the dispute, she claims it was a mistake and she was going to try to stop it.

I messaged her 2-3 times after that but have received no replies. There are now 2 other’s on her page who are asking about getting disputes as well.

She is currently using the art from her commission, that I drew, as her icon.

I had tried to look up previous bewares on this person but found none. I really hope this is just an issue with her bank, but it’s starting to look like it’s not.

She is now blacklisted from my commisions.