rant about fanwars

I’ve seen this tumblr post that’s like “EXO’s worst song is better than BTS’ best” and it’s like… why hate on other groups to uplift your faves? Why can’t you do that without tearing down/shitting on other groups’ songs/music/hard work… like correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think EXO would be happy with their so called “fans” (yes, i firmly believe that you’re not a good fan of your fave if you shit on other groups?? whats the point??) for talking shit about other groups.

NOT TO SAY THAT ARMYS DON’T DO THE SAME THING and I’ve seen like 7 billion posts calling out armys (because yeah some (a LOT) of us really highkey need to be put in their place) but I don’t know like… just because some shit fans shit on your group doesn’t mean you fight fire with fire. This goes both ways: if you’re a BTS “fan” that shits on EXO, unfollow me. Our boys wouldn’t want that, I swear on it. 

ALSO THIS DOESN’T MEAN ALL EXO-LS ARE SHITTY - THIS ISN’T EVEN REALLY ABOUT EXO-LS VS ARMYS IT’S ABOUT FANWARS IN GENERAL. I’m just using this example of this specific post because it’s the most recent negative thing I’ve seen - that, and I follow I’d say about 300x the number of BTS blogs than EXO blogs, so seeing this BTS hate post startled me as 1) the people I follow are usually multifandom just with BTS as their main group and 2) they usually don’t shit on any groups. 

I’m not saying this because I don’t stan EXO and am an avid army (I have 0 hatred for EXO, their music is cool and i support their songs and stuff) I’m saying this because i’m tired as hell of the fanwars they’re so pointless.

Also this reminds me - that ARMY that made that bullshit block list on twitter about EXO-LS is disowned. ARMY card revoked - what kind of dumb shit is that? Blocking people for liking different groups? Stay pressed.

Like… do you think that you’re gonna get a cookie for being mean about people who don’t know that you exist on behalf of more people who don’t know that you exist??? That’s not how it works - all that happens is that you get pressed over something that honestly shouldn’t impact your life in any way at all. I understand the need to defend your faves, also, if people attack them, but honestly that makes you just as bad as them. 

Is it okay to get annoyed at people talking shit about your favorite singers/groups/celebrities? Yes, it is. People tend to express displeasure over opinions that don’t match theirs, and, not to mention, attacking other celebs is something inflammatory in the first place. Actually acting on that annoyance to clap back? It’s unnecessary. Block ‘em. Out of sight, out of mind. Follow more blogs that rep your loves. 

And this is, yes, hypocritical since I made this post after seeing that x’s worst is better than y’s best post for the nth time but that’s kind of a catalyst, honestly. I just unfollowed the blog that reblogged that, though, because what’s…the point. What’s the point in continuing to see content that I disagree with? I’m no masochist. 

Just…I dunno. Live your own life, y’all. Quit with the immaturity and random hatred, it’s not okay. It’s also totally useless and doesn’t benefit anyone, at all, in any way. 

Good Kid - The Lightening Thief

Six schools in six years
Been kicked out of every place
Everything I ever do is wrong
Never find where I belong
Everybody on my case

The same old story
The same old song
Don’t act up
Don’t act down
Be strong
I keep my head down
I keep my chin up
But it ends up all the same
With pack your bags Percy (pack your bags Percy)
You’re always to blame

I never tried to do anything
I never mean to hurt anyone
I swear I swear that I’m a good kid
A good kid
A good son

But no one ever will take my side
All I ever knew is take the fall
I swear I swear that I’m a good kid
Yes, I’m good for nothing at all

Gabe, was a world class jerk dad
Was never there
The only family that really mattered
Well, she vanished into the air
And now I finally find a haven
Some place safe where I can stay
Till its pack your bags Percy (pack your bags Percy)
Now go, go away (now go, go away)

I never tried to do anything
I never mean to hurt anyone
I swear I swear that I’m a good kid
Yeah, Percy that’s a good one

But no one ever will take my side
All I ever knew is take the fall (take the fall)
I swear I swear that I’m a good kid
Yes, I’m good for nothing at all

These schools in six years
Every battle, everyday
No one ever tells you that they’re proud
No one asks me “Percy, who’d you like to like to come round and stay?”
All you get are bad grades and a bum rap
And a bad rep and a good smack
And no friends and no home and no mom
She’s taken away

I swear I never stole anything
I never meant to hurt anyone
I swear I swear that I’m a good kid
A good kid
Just had a bad run
And all I need is one last chance
To prove that I’m good enough for someone

I’m good enough for someone
(six schools in six years) I’m good enough for someone
(six schools in six years) I’m good enough for someone
(six schools in six years)

I took these lyrics by ear so be wary of mistakes

  • typical guided meditations: you are light, you are love, you are protected and safe. don't be afraid to let go of all the negative things in your life. you are all that there is, the source of all, which is infinite goodness and love. let go of all the things that no longer serve you and make room for new universal energy to cleanse your body, soul and mind.
  • my personal guided meditations: listen up you little bith. i dont have time for u to be fuckin around with all these bad vibes. feel the light in every fuckin atom in your body alright. man up and stop giving a shit. let go of all thef uckery. right now. let it all go bitch. kick the sadness in the balls. let it all fuckin go. love and light bitch, love and light


friends to lovers!au โ svt jun



Request: can i request friends to lovers with jun? thank you

I wasn’t sure if you wanted this as a scenario or an au so I did an au instead! If this isn’t what you wanted, I can rewrite it for you as a scenario (jun loses his chill somewhere in this au omg) (:

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  • your mother introduced you to jun while his mother introduced him to you at the age of ten
  • both of you weren’t comfortable with each other at first, it was kind of really awkward
  • neither of you spoke to each other, but jun played the piano for you a lot so he could practice and you wouldn’t be bored being alone
  • the first time you guys had a real conversation was when you both were twelve
  • INCREDIBLE i know, how could u not yet have an actual conversation with someone you’ve known for two years
  • well
  • u both managed to do just that
  • ALSO you know what being 12 years old means
  • a judo club, really. you had no idea what the hell was going on and you just saw a tall man’s naked cHEST oh my god what the fukc can he please put his uniform on PROPERLU
  • junhui’s mother signed him up for wushu
  • which kind of sucks cause like
  • less time hanging out with ur best buddy
  • but it’s okay in the end because now you can use judo for self defense and jun can probably kick someone’s ass
  • going to school together was also really fun
  • you two both rode bikes to school and back
  • the kids in your class thought you two were dating but ?? no ?? have u ever heard of cooties??, gross
  • plus you two are only twelve the kids can chill
  • fast forward to when u two are fourteen years old (rebellious stage as some ppl call it)
  • jun joined the same clubs you did at school even though sometimes those clubs sometimes clashed with his piano and wushu lessons
  • “jun are you sure you want to join informational technology with me?”
  • “UHM yes. i want to learn about computers too, leave me be.”
  • “i’m taking care of the library for volunteer hours. don’t you have piano lessons today?”
  • “there’s a recital tonight. i’d rather hang out with you than play jazz music for gross adults.”
  • jun’s mother came into the library right after that
  • she got pissed when she heard what he said LOL HE’S SCREWED
  • once jun hit puberty he got HELla sassy
  • even u couldnt handle it
  • when you were practicing your judo with jun he got obnoxious and kept talkin g bULLSHIT
  • so u performed an uchi mata on him
  • he was on the floor for seven minutes
  • “keep ur mouth shut little boy”
  • “…u hit me in the balls … . ..”
  • you threw an icepack at him after a few minutes
  • “talk shit. get hit.”
  • his voice changed, wasn’t rlly a surprise to both of u since it wasn’t noticeable at first but it became gradually lower as the weeks flew by
  • he got tall
  • ur both sixteen now and fukc what thef uck jun can u please shrink a little
  • (depending on reader size, difference isn’t much OR IS VERY MUCH)
  • jun quit piano. he was a bit too advanced for his teachers and he got bored; they didn’t give him difficult enough shit to play
  • he still practiced wushu, but didn’t go to those lessons anymore either
  • he did get a job though, good for hi m
  • he took work days on tuesday, wednesday, and saturday so you two still had plenty of time to hang out!!
  • jun was always around you whether you were taking care of the library, putting together a desktop computer in I.T. or practicing your judo
  • you both were stuck together like glue
  • your parents thought you two looked good together
  • . .. u two weren’t sure of ur feelings??
  • like he even tries hard to look good for you even if it’s just you two casually hanging out
  • he styles his hair, picks out the best outfit that you would like and puts on a subtle amount of cologne
  • dude he’s liked you ever since you two became teenagers
  • but since you two are nearly adults, he’s trying to make it really obvious that he’s attracted to you
  • because he knows how you are when a boy likes you
  • you don’t have any idea
  • you just think they’re being nice and you end up being friends with them instead of becoming someone’s girlfriend
  • he liked that about u though
  • cause ur cute and practically innocent to crushes and dating
  • so one day, jun decided to give you a bouquet of flowers
  • “aw, thank you! my mom would love these!”
  • “yA these flowers are for you not you R MOTHER”
  • he grabbed the flowers from you and grumpily stomped inside your house to put them in a vase before going back to where  you stood
  • “i like you, okay? have you really not noticed a thing all these years?”
  • “ ,, . no? ?”
  • jun: internally screaming
  • keeps his cool
  • nevermind
  • “CALM DOWN i like u too gosh ur so annoyin g honestly”
  • “!!?!??as a friend right u like me as a fRIENd you obLIVious sHTI”
  • you didn’t answer him right away and you gave him half an hour to calm down
  • so thats something
  • your mothers are dramatic
  • they both threw a party once they discovered u two were together
  • (so tht is also something)
  • now you two are inseperable
  • your friends seem to always find jun stuck to your side or your back
  • he loves giving you backhugs you’re so comfy
  • when you’re working on something in your bedroom like a project for an extracurricular class, he’s either pressed against your side or you’re on his lap
  • he loves burying his face in the crook of your neck
  • he rlly likes sleeping next to you too because you make him feel warm
  • his kisses are either short and sweet or ,,, dirty
  • jun finds it cute that whenever he goes in for a kiss, you always shyly lean away from him
  • it’s not intentionaL but it happens
  • his arms are almost always around your waist
  • u can’t push him away u just can’t
  • the honeymoon phase weighs heavy on him
  • but as you two get older he gets less affectionate but is still as loving
  • he wouldn’t be as into PDA anymore, he really likes to touch you and kiss you when you’re in private
  • you both are a really dorky couple
  • juN loves you so much
  • he pats your head more often than not
  • doesn’t mind carrying u
  • he thinks ur tiny even though you probably aren’t
  • takes u out on dates that are fun, but relaxing
  • mostly just takes you out to a casual restaurant or a library cafe
  • he loves u and will take care of u pls treat him with love and kindness

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