Grand Theft Auto V:  Censorship

In Australia and New Zealand GTAV is being taken off the shelves.  They are outright refusing to sell the games in some stores. 

And, just a couple weeks after proclaiming themselves “We are not Jack Thompson”, they fully support the act of taking down GTA:V under the guise of ‘misogyny’.  Forget that GTA was Thompson’s own pet monster to trot out and decry, but consider.  Thompson was whipping up panic by going “think of the children!” and now these people are doing the exact same thing, except instead of children, they’re saying “think of the women!”

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And they turn around and start defending censorship and bans.

Defend video games.  Defend gamers.  Defend our hobby because if we don’t, this will continue to happen.  They will continue to drag out games like GTAV and smear them, smear those who play them and drag us down.

You know the answer.  We’ve been fighting now for almost 4 months.  Don’t believe the lies they spread, they’ve proven themselves untrustworthy and in favor of censorship.

Sign up.  Fight for video games.

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the flopdred
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  • 3x01-3x04:N I C E!!!!!!
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