*Spread some love* - The Fruition Network

As some of you may know that The Fruition Network has a mission to cheer others up and make others happy. We just want to spread some love and hope to make people feel better and loved. It’s not that easy to do that all by our own. So, if you know anyone who is going through a hard time, doesn’t feel good or just deserves some lovely words, please let us know here. You can just let us their url know and maybe tell what’s going wrong, so it’s easier to spread some love. Feel free to do that on anon or not, we won’t publish any of those messages. It’s just important for us to let you know that someone is there who cares. Thanks a lot!

The Fruition Network is a group filled with people who want to spread some love and just care about others. It’s important to every single one of the members that people on here are feeling loved and if you think that no one cares, we do.

But also if you’re not part of the network you can help us to spread love and to show people that we care about them, Basically, we want you to message ushere the url of the person who is maybe going through a hard time, just deserves some love and need some cheering words. Feel free to do that anon or not, we won’t publish any of those messages though. Also you might tell us why we should send some love there, just so we know what’s going on. It might just take two seconds but it could make someones day brighter!

And also if you need someone to talk to, you’ll always find someone here or just check out our network page to find people who care.