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  • 1: My name?
    Meegan Mary Cheran Doyle
  • 5: Book/series I reread?
    I’ve reread the Harry Potter series several times, Tommy Sullivan Is A Freak and Nicola and the viscount by Meg Cabot, Shut Out by Kody Keplinger, Hollywood Hills by Aimee Friedman, A Series of Unfortunate events series, I can literally go on about books i’ve reread all day. I also quite often reread stories on wattpad. As far as Wattpad stories go Mr. Popular and I by thefreakoffreaks is awesome, Aesthetics by cathartics, Fall by fivesaucewhoop, The Get Go by willievergrowup, ambivalence by overandovers.
  • 9: Favourite flavour of anything?
    I put plum sauce on basically everything
  • 13: Favourite word?
    I say rad and dope a lot, but i’m also an English Teacher so words like Ambivalence and Ostensibly appeal to me a lot too.