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“Hey.” Mike said, looking the boys over “Who’re you?” he asked, sticking his chin up at them. He looked over and Allison who sighed.

“Calm down.” she huffed, she stepped in front of Mike and smiled warmly “Hello! I’m Allison, the rude man over here is Mike, you are?” she stuck her hand out.

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☽; "–Toasted bagel!“ He told the cashier, after thinking for a moment. Man, café’s were classy as fuck. How many kinds of bread did they even have back there? "Oh, erm, cream cheese..?” He told them, eyebrows pulling together, rather unsure about it. “A medium coffee, too! Cream, sugar, and stuff, yeah.” Coffee was good. Seemed to hold him up better than most of the humans he knew. Timmy pulled out a five dollar bill, handing it to the lady, a nod of his head. He stepped to the side, hands shoved in his pockets, waiting for his order.