A new start [@thefortunatedetective]

“So.. This is Inaba..” Minato pressed his back against the seat in the seat as he listened to his music to drown out the mindless chit-chat of people he didn’t know. As much as he liked to observe some people, this was not the time. he had decided to go to Inaba and see what things were like. He once heard some interesting things, talks of shadows, murders.. And many other things.

Once the train stopped, he knew there was no turning back.

Stepping out of the train, the male’s eyes scanned the town.. It seemed small, at least lively, but still, much smaller than his previous home.

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               Holy crap that was a lot of fans. Rise had been merely hanging out at Junes– buying more ingredients and spices to make Mapo Tofu later on– before she was bumped into. The glasses that she normally wore out in public were but a simple disguise. With the announcement of the end to her hiatus, Rise was once more entering the music industry with, what she had proclaimed in an official interview a week ago, “A better, truer Risette!” Now, she wondered, if perhaps she should’ve waited until summer to make such an announcement with the ridiculous amount of fans chasing after her. Vaguely at the back of her memories, Rise could recall such a similar encounter the first time she met Souji.

RISETTE!” Oh dear, she was beginning to slow. PE had never been her forte. Chest heaving heavily, Rise managed to continue and turn another corner before abruptly running into someone. A small shriek slipped through her lips before she managed to cover her mouth. “—Just keep quiet for a little bit, okay?” Breathless, she didn’t both to wait for a reply before swivelling on her heels to watch as the group of fans ran in the opposite direction.