Day 74 (031511)

It’s all about letting go…

I had a wonderful evening with my friend Stefanie who decided that she wants to learn bellydancing. We had our first class and I think she did fantastic!

Once more I remembered why I like dancing so much. After all the discipline, regular rehearsals and constant vigilance with regards to correct posture or isolation techniques, dancing simply is such a wonderful way of letting go and just be yourself.

010411/ Day 4: “Looking into my reviewmirror, getting ready to go… ”

I took this photo in the parking lot of the swimming hall just a few seconds ago. I was looking forward to a decent swimming session - only to find out that the pool is closed.

Talk about symbolism in life… :)

I have spend a great part of the past 2 years staring in a review mirror. There was lots of interesting stuff to observe. And now it’s time to go swimming. I guess I just have to find a pool that is actually open at my hours.

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Today I had a day off and I used the time snooping around the internet, checking what the others from the One Selfportraits a Day 2011 project are doing, giving some support, inviting others, commenting, etc.

In the afternoon Paul Steele got ahold of me in Twitter, reminding me on a promise I had given him shortly before christmas. Since I still can’t get myself to sing to one of his funny twitter sing up videos (my voice is terrible), I promised I would at least shoot a short video for him - dancing around to the latest tune they are jointly recording (which I of course, since it’s always a surprise, can not reveal at this point.) Paul is a really cool guy and I totally like his engagement for the humanitarian cause. If you don’t know him yet, you should check his project out here.

Since I spend a great deal goofing around infront of the webcam for a good cause, I thought I might as well make this my DAY6 entry. I chose “Sunlight” - the new single by the debut album of the Australian producer team BAG RAIDERS, because the song has been in my ear all morning. It’s so infecting and it definitely is a great song to dance to. ;-)

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Day 139 (051911)
Introducing “Gold Cat” (by Tom Przondzion)

My friend Tom Przondzion is a very talented painter and artist from near Frankfurt in Germany. A little while ago (somewhen in 2009), Tom paid me a great compliment by using one of my selfportraits (from my Medusa series) as inspiration for creating a marvelous evocative piece of art called “Gold Cat”.

The painting is one of the first things you notice when entering my appartment. Whenever I come home from an exhausting day (as today), I look at it and then I feel happy and extremely grateful!

Thx again Tom, my astrological twin (we were born the same day), for this wonderful gift, I still love it very much! It’s a true treasure and one of the coolest presents I’ve ever received from anyone!

Day 8 (010811)

I have a strange liking for rock'n roll bar restrooms. The older, the better. I don’t particularly enjoy using the toilets there (hell no!)  - but whenever I see scribblings and stickers in layers on doors and oldschool tiles- I feel a bit nostalgic.

I spend a great deal of my youth in bars and clubs and surely partied the hell out myself there - probably for more than 10 years or so… It’s a time I wouldn’t wanna miss in my life, though today, I mostly prefer it a bit quieter and more relaxed. :-)

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Day 162 (061111)
Just a perfect day…

I’m glad I spend it with Jules! ;-)

Today we went to Luxemburg, where we visited the national museum for history and art (which was really great as they showed a fantastic collection of Edward Steichen photography). Afterwards we enjoyed the most delicious hot chocolate together and there was some successful shopping innit for us as well! We ended our little one day trip with a lovely dinner in the German countryside. Can it get any better?