Having been part of the Rooster Teeth fanbase for ten years, I sometimes I look at both the company and us fans and I’m just in awe. I look at how far we’ve come and I think sometimes we take for granted all that we’ve done. It’s been a one in a million chance for us to achieve what’s been achieved. Take a moment to pat yourself on the back. You’re amazing, Rooster Teeth and fans.

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When he was asked about it, Matt said in an interview with Darren that the two of them lived in a house with Joe Moses, Nico Ager, a friend of theirs named Reese, and Liam, and that's why they said all those names in the song, he was naming off their friends who lived in the house with them, because they made the song up on the spot

At this point I’m really, really tired of all of the anons saying “it’s reese your friend is wrong” and “the ENTIRE StarKid fandom says it’s reese and you’re believing one person wow you’re stupid”, so I’m going to go with this anon. Even though I’ve never heard of a “Reese”, we’ll go with this because I’m tired of fighting. 


P.S. It wasn’t the ENTIRE StarKid fandom, it was four people from the fandom who follow this blog. Big difference.

P.P.S. Many thanks to thefoolandhisfitz for being the only one of about 12 messages who actually provided proof as to why her argument was correct instead of calling me stupid for defending one of my best friends. 

Reputation for Subtlety

They’re trying to keep this on the down low, this thing between them. Apparently Michael has other ideas.

Review: Lovely fic! I like that it’s so integrated into the RT life and it feels realistic, like just the kind of thing that could happen! Maybe it was the 3rd person pov but the narrative of it felt a bit strange.

My rating: B+

Word count: 1325

Complete: Yes

The fic can be found here and it was written by thefoolandhisfitz.