theflyingnah already posted her pics but figured it was still worth posting mine~ ^^ We decided to take her mum to the camping themed place that we had seen pics of floating around here a week or two ago. I really quite enjoyed it but omgggggg the bbq sets were so expensive for the amount that you get!;;;; Also I was all prepared to bbq (and fairly excited about it too) but the food is already cooked for you and just brought out on the bbq with some hot coals which I thought was bizarre and useless?? I guess this place is just about appearances…. and I probably shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was considering it’s literally called The Glamping haha. In saying that, the vibe is honestly as wonderful as the pics make it out to be!!! The dining area was lovely and this is absolutely the most perfect time for chillin on a roof-top. I easily could’ve stayed there all night~~ It’s not somewhere I could/ would go on a regular basis given the prices but it’s definitely worth a visit for a special occasion or if you’ve got some cash to burn (perhaps just drinks and a dish wouldn’t be so bad though)!


thatguyin3004 replied to your post “Decision time and I still have no decision.”

Haven’t we had this conversation? :p

We did! I actually even checked our kakao convo to help with my reasoning but it didn’t really help cos you just said your part, I said mine and that was it. So yeah. Thanks for nothing!!!!! :P

theflyingnah replied to your post “SEOUL FOR THE WIN”

wooooooo decisions!!

jji-gae replied to your post “SEOUL FOR THE WIN”

Proud of you babe!!!!!!! Here’s to many new adventures and experiences!!

YAY I DID IT!!~ You guys are the best. Thank you for encouraging me. ♥

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I totally agree with your about change. Changing school can be either great or bad. I think that’s what I was fearful of but I hope for the best.

Yeah, talking to my friends here and back home…. even my other coteachers who are my age just made me realize that I can’t let fear stop me. I didn’t know what this school had in store for me but it turned out great! Also I guess I was especially swayed cos I have no idea how much longer I’ll actually be staying in Korea for. I’ve always wanted to move to Seoul and that was my intention all along in coming here… I think I would be really disappointed in myself if I went back home without trying! I’m hoping for the best too!! :)

I almost cried when I saw them in the package my sister sent!
How does one live life without grits?!
I’m so surprised he liked it. Trying to explain what grits is has been the hardest thing ever in Japan but you gotta try them to understand them.
Can’t wait for you to get yours!