TOP 50 CHARACTERS (as voted by my followers) - #18. Barry Allen
All my life, I’ve wanted to do more… be more. And now I am. And the first chance I get to help someone, I screw up. What if Wells is right? What if I’m not a hero. What if I’m some guy who was struck by lightning?

It’s tough to call what I do “work.” Being on “The Flash” is so much fun. I am constantly surprised by our writers and the awesome stories they tell, and I love reading each new script. Being on set is so much fun – our hours are long, but we try to laugh and enjoy ourselves as much as possible. The crossovers are very exciting as well – I adore the cast of “Arrow” and its fun to change it up and work with them. It’s also nice to get the opportunity to work on a different show during our season – the tone of “Arrow” is different than “The Flash” and its fun to play in a different world for a little while.

They’re at it again.  Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow with the synchronizing expressions got me shipping them in some kind of weird way.  Is to romantic? No clue.  I haven’t even figured that one out.  All I know is these two fools get it and I get them.

Now what do y’all  call them?   Caitco or Snowmon or just Caitlin & Cisco Either way, they are a fun package even if it’s just besties.