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Let’s trend Westallen Is Magical before The Flash on Tuesday! 

Start tweeting 2 hours before the show’s east coast airing, and celebrate Iris and Barry’s re-engagement, as well as our love for Iris herself. The trend lasts two hours, but you can keep using the hashtag while watching the episode so that it trends. Remember to use #TheFlash in all your tweets, too! 

Save drafts beforehand through your mobile app or Tweetdeck, and remember to interact with other fans by quoting or replying to their tweets with the phrase Westallen Is Magical. Send a few tweets to @flashtvwriters, @candicekp, @ajkreisberg, @gberlanti, @chipeyt and the other writers - but don’t spam or bombard them. No one likes their mentions clogged with unintelligible letters and numbers. Check what time March 28th, 6pm eastern is for your part of the world, and join us next Tuesday!

The Flash

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Cisco: *gif*

Y/N: Yeah it is…Why?

Cisco: So are you two dating?

Y/N: No he gave it to me because I didn’t do my laundry

Cisco: You’re not good at lying Y/N

Y/N: I know…


Y/N: Why does Santa Claus have such a big sack?

Barry: He only comes once a year.


The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek “Duet”  - Musical Crossover With Supergirl


I love this clip. #theflashseason3 #theflash #westallen

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Grant: What did you just trip on?
Danielle: I’m drunk sorry.

My fav blooper hahaha their laughter is precious! 

Grant: What’s happening?
Danielle: He’s experiencing - *F*ck off* - okay sorry.

Danielle: Jay!
Cisco: BAE!..RY….not Bae…not bae he’s not my bae.
Danielle: You sure about that? Freudian slip.

My fav trio!!!! 

Justice League

Barry: *gif* 

Y/N: Bruce! You could have hit him!

Bruce: Don’t worry, he’s fast.

Barry: Yeah…that’s what she said…I mean….you’re Batman!