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Finally! Our first new about Iris in S4! She’s going to being working through her grief and keep on running forward like she promised Barry she would! 😭
I doubt she (or the team) accepts that he’s really gone so my ideal premiere would be:

Iris throwing herself into her work at the CCPN and resurrecting the Brother/Sister Crime Fighting Unit(BSCFU) w Wally to protect the city, and occasionally coordinating w her dad and Julian at CCPD.
She tasks Cisco and Harry to come up with a Speed Force stabilizer: something that will stabilize the speedster so it doesn’t require a speedster and Barry can come home.
Everybody is a little worried about her (especially her dad) but seeing her determination and focusing on their tasks keeping them busy and hopeful too.
Of course, by end of the premiere, they free Barry and the family is whole again! 🙌🏾

The Flash

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Cisco: *gif*

Y/N: Yeah it is…Why?

Cisco: So are you two dating?

Y/N: No he gave it to me because I didn’t do my laundry

Cisco: You’re not good at lying Y/N

Y/N: I know…

My first entry for the WestAllen At The Movies: Romance Edition!

A WestAllen Cinderella movie poster!

I know the traditional Cinderella dress is blue, but I felt the yellow dress worked much better with the rest of the picture.

Many different pictures used for this edit, including the Beauty and The Beast poster and a tvd picture.


Candice Patton backstage after winning a Saturn Award! @candicekp @cwtheflash #SaturnAwards #theflash #flash #iriswest #candicepatton

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The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek “Duet”  - Musical Crossover With Supergirl