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  • Bellarke: Have a heartfelt conversation; are about to confess their feelings for eachother.
  • Snowbarry: Are always there for eachother, It's demostrated that Barry is Caitlin's anchor.
  • Olicity: Finally get together, and they get engaged.
  • Scallison: Are planning a future together.
  • Stydia: Lydia finally realizes she loves Stiles.
  • Malec: Alec finally embraces his sexuality and they become a couple.
  • Lucaya: They realize they have feelings for eachother, and start dating.
  • Karamel: They finally get together.
  • Shaleb: They care about eachother and are finally starting to behave like a formal couple + They say I love you to eachother.
  • Ezria: Get together again, get engaged.
  • Frary: Francis finally starts accepting he has feelings for Mary, they become a couple and they marry.
  • Clace: Finally admit their feelings for eachother + kiss multiple times.
  • Delena: Finally get together
  • Steroline: Are going to get married.
  • Me: OMG after all this time, maybe they all have a chance to truly be happy together.
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Bellarke: Gets separated for 6 years and 7 days + they both believe the other one died.
  • Snowbarry: Caitlin gets hurt because of Barry + Westallen gets engaged.
  • Olicity: Oliver lies to Felicity, she finds out, they break off their engagement + Felicity gets a new boyfriend.
  • Scallison: They break up, and Allison dies.
  • Stydia: Stiles disappears from the phase of earth.
  • Malec: They start having too many complications in their relationship.
  • Lucaya: Maya gets a bullshit storyline of an "identity crisis" + she steps back once again for Riley's happiness and Lucas chooses Riley.
  • Karamel: Mon-el hides the truth from Kara, she finds out, and they break up.
  • Shaleb: Caleb fucked up once, they break up, and Shelby starts an affair with Caleb's dad.
  • Ezria: Nicole gets back and gives them trouble in their relationship, Aria starts working with A to protect Ezra but still this creates distance between them, in their wedding day A freaking kidnaps Ezra and makes it seem like he abandoned her and didn't want to marry her.
  • Frary: Because of Francis decisions they break up, Mary starts having an affair with Conde, they get back together, but Francis dies.
  • Clace: Valentine makes Clary and Jace believe they are siblings, she starts a relationship with Simon.
  • Delena: They break up + Elena is the new replacement of sleeping beauty.
  • Steroline: They marry, but one day after the wedding, Stefan dies.
  • All the writers: HAHAHAH bitch you thought.
  • Me: *dies*.

My first entry for the WestAllen At The Movies: Romance Edition!

A WestAllen Cinderella movie poster!

I know the traditional Cinderella dress is blue, but I felt the yellow dress worked much better with the rest of the picture.

Many different pictures used for this edit, including the Beauty and The Beast poster and a tvd picture.


The Flash 3x17 Sneak Peek “Duet”  - Musical Crossover With Supergirl