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I wanted to add my own input to this question/answer without the character limits of the reply button.

I’m always trying to develop some kind of futuristic cyberpunk themed story. I had one idea for a while and I just kept getting stuck trying to figure out how things might be 50 years from now. I was literally trying to predict the future. Mainly, I was trying to imagine what gaming and social media would be like 50 years from now…

While I was developing this story I would often imagine if Facebook or Twitter would be around in 50 years. I spent a lot of wasted time trying to figure things like this out. If I could, I’d go back and tell myself, who would even know if those things are around in 50 years, and also, who cares. I kind of hit a wall developing this story and literally started hitting up science fiction authors for advice just to see if any of them would bite.

I was able to exchange a few emails with Cory Doctorow, who’s super nice and would promptly respond to every email I sent. I was asking him really specific questions about things regarding social media and the advances they might take, and how they might appear in and or benefit a culture 50 years from now (because these were things I was trying to figure out for my own story).

I always got really straight forward and simple answers from him. He was obviously a very busy person but it was still awesome of him to take the time to read and to respond to my stupid fan boy emails. I got to a point where I was basically asking him questions about my own story in hopes that he would maybe predict the future for me instead, in which he simply stated:

“No idea – I’m an sf writer, my stock in trade is futuristic analogies about the present, not predictions about the future.”

I never looked at it that way. No one ever told me and I never made that connection on my own. But that answer really hit me hard and has always stuck with me since. Write about now, write what you know, and just give it a futuristic twist (this seems to work for me anyway).

But the great thing about Science Fiction is that it’s fiction; and there are no boundaries. So you don’t necessarily have to ground it in reality either. You shouldn’t have to spend time trying to figure out what tech there might be, or if cancer will be cured, or if we’ll have flying cars.

If you want to have a medical device that cures all diseases in one easy painless shot, then do it. Something like this doesn’t exist now, maybe never will, but you can still do it; and maybe just like today it’s really hard to get access to such a device (even though it exists in this made up reality) because healthcare in America sucks.

If you wanted to create a world like The Jetsons then do it. After all, that show was just another 1960’s sitcom about a 1960’s style family who just happened to live in the year 2062.

It’s science fiction, the future is what you make it. If you can think of it, it can be done. Just do it, it’s science fiction. (Insert Nike symbol)