Shit when you study the muscles it becomes a little more easier for you to come up with the lines instead of just using theferences. Very very recommended.

Of course I just studied this today so… probably will improve with time ;D

Have some Subaru with abs while I keep doing the shit for the wardrobe meme

Already done (I won’t repeat numbers anymore so you’ll have to choose what’s left xD)

  • 22 (Me(?, Reiji, Subaru)
  • 21 (Reiji)
  • 5 (Ruki)
  • 19 (Yui)
  • 14 (Laito)
  • 19/1 (Reiji)
  • 16 (Shu)
  • 15 (Subaru)
  • 9 (Kou)