Dooks’ R Us

theferrets​ and I want to start a Ferrets Only Store. Things that are good for a ferret and nothing bad. All natural, carnivore, no rubber goodies. And essentials, like nail clippers, litter, and such. There is also an info booth that if you want to learn “tips on how to cut a ferret’s nails”

All employees will be knowledgeable on ferrets and can bring their ferrets to work. A ferret proof play land.

Things in the shop can include

  • eggs, and all natural jerky for treats.
  • raw food with NO VEGETABLES
  • yesterday’s news and wood pellets for litter
  • fleece shelf coverings and blankets
  • tunnels and toys
  • things to use to ferret proof
  • lock on dishes
  • big litter boxes
  • ferret harnesses
  • info on how to diy

This would be a dream and a dream job.

Anyone want to work here and join in on our dream?

I think bringing the ferrets to work is ideal. The icing on the cake.


During out wait for a wedding reception to start Niku got to go to the park! He was a very good boy, there will be more adventures like this for our Ferrets!