Ferret Adoptables. 

Pabu has an enlarged kidney… Not sure if it’s cancerous or what’s next. This is my fundraiser for Pabu :3 It’s already costing us a lot, and I don’t know what the future holds, but my ferret isn’t even two, in fact his second birthday is in a week… 

You can get your ferret done! Any color/design you want! Donation of $10 min for a drawing of your own fuzzer! I know Christmas is coming, so any small donation won’t go unnoticed. If you are interested please PM theferrets Thank you for your love and support so far! 

theferrets replied to your post: for ferrents that do time out: how lon…

I don’t usually do timeouts, but my understanding is its only a couple minutes - and in a separate little cage (so they don’t associate their “home” as punishment)

Yeah, I only did it in her regular cage because her carrier was getting washed, today I’m gonna use the carrier. I was going for about 60 seconds since that seemed long enough for her to be like “man this sucks I was playing and now I’m not” without getting distracted by things in the cage.