Some LGBTQ+ creators who aren’t cis white gay dudes or Hannah Hart, just off the top of my head:

katblaque, ihartbeat, foxyhotmess, ashleymardell, princessjoules, @milesjai, Qaadir Howard, aconnormanningmegturney, stevieboebi, ellosteph, skylarkeleven, therealalexbertie, kingsleyyy, angelicaanddaylynn, typicalbecca, Kiera Rose/Scarlet Saint, thefemtastic, OliviaHas2Moms, roseellendix, TheRoxetera, lauraacanfly, allyhills, claudiaboleyn, rj4gui4r, signedfury

Let’s get them on some of these “LGBTQ” panels, yeah? Get some real inclusivity going.

(If there’s not a B and a T on your panel, you shouldn’t be allowed to call it that, imo.)