Kankri Vantas Plushie 

Completed for!

“These lilies could be triggering to someone who just attended a funeral.”

I finished him early! My favorite part was making his smug little face. Definitely a cutie patootie! Now he’s going to Ginny to be Cronus’ and Aranea’s playmate! D: I hope Cronus doesn’t play with him too hard.


Vodka Mutini Plushie

Definitely one of the cuter plushies I’ve ever made. She’s great for cosplay and for hugging! I also made her in record time considering I’ve only got 3 days before I’m off to Massachusetts for Anime Boston!

I’ll be working Customer Service in the day, and then hanging out with cowbuttcrunchies, JJ, Ginny, Jenn, soltian + tolucasaid, and my GF at night! If I missed anyone I WILL ADD YOU TO THIS LIST and I’ll probably be meeting new awesome people :DD