Lil’ Seb Plushie for Cosplay Purposes

Those glasses were the most fun to make, I swear. This is also the tallest plushie I’ve made since Beyond from Katamari Damacy. I realize now I’ve made a lot of robot/robot themed plushies. They’re always so streamline and fun to make! Well Lil’ Seb will be off to his new home at theluckythief’s house soon!


Kankri Vantas Plushie 

Completed for!

“These lilies could be triggering to someone who just attended a funeral.”

I finished him early! My favorite part was making his smug little face. Definitely a cutie patootie! Now he’s going to Ginny to be Cronus’ and Aranea’s playmate! D: I hope Cronus doesn’t play with him too hard.


Vodka Mutini Plushie

Definitely one of the cuter plushies I’ve ever made. She’s great for cosplay and for hugging! I also made her in record time considering I’ve only got 3 days before I’m off to Massachusetts for Anime Boston!

I’ll be working Customer Service in the day, and then hanging out with cowbuttcrunchies, JJ, Ginny, Jenn, soltian + tolucasaid, and my GF at night! If I missed anyone I WILL ADD YOU TO THIS LIST and I’ll probably be meeting new awesome people :DD